Tonight on a special two-hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother 3, we will watch as MieshaMirai, and Carson are joined by three fellow houseguests in the first Power of Veto Competition of the season. After the Power of Veto Competition plays out, we will watch as the Veto Ceremony takes place and the Veto winner is able to decide if they will be saving either Carson or Mirai from eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. If you don’t want to wait until tonight’s episode to find out who won the POV or if the Veto was used, check out our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers for the details.

After the Power of Veto Competition and Veto Meeting take place, we will watch as the Mon Won curse is unleashed on the house. Will this curse impact tonight’s eviction which will take place after the curse is unleashed? Keep refreshing this page frequently to find out!

We started tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. After all the hugs, Miesha tells Cynthia and Todrick that Mirai is her target right now and Carson is a pawn. Meanwhile, Mirai is talking to Chris Kattan in the bedroom and she tells him that she isn’t upset that she is on the block, but her stress levels are really high right now. Kattan gives her some great advice and a hug which seems to make her feel a little better.

Carson, Todrick, Cynthia, and Teddi are all talking in one of the other bedrooms, and Carson wonders if Miesha knows about their alliance. We then get a look at Chris Kirkpatrick talking to Miesha in the gym and he says that he knows she has a core group. She tells Kirkpatrick that he is inside that core group.

Carson and Teddi talk later and they are wondering who might be leaking information about their alliance to Miesha. Teddi mentions Todrick, but Carson says that he is worried about Mirai. Teddi tells him that Mirai was the one that told her she was possibly being targeted. That makes Carson rethink his suspicions.

Todrick is talking to Miesha and he tells us that his gut is telling him to stick with her and distance himself from his other alliance with Carson, Teddi, Shanna, Cynthia, and Mirai.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto! Miesha chooses first and pulls Cynthia’s name. Carson pulls Lamar’s name. Mirai pulls a houseguest’s choice chip and she picks Todrick to play. After the POV Players were picked, Todrick goes up to talk to Miesha. They talk about why Mirai picked Todrick to play. Miesha thinks that she is flip-flopping between alliances. Todrick then tries to bring up Carson being a bigger target because he is a social and physical threat to them.

It is time for the Power of Veto Competition! In this competition, the houseguests will be playing a game called Scheduling Snafu. They have to scroll through text messages on a phone and decipher clues about where they are supposed to be at what time. They will then have to put the places in the correct order. The houseguest that does it the fastest will win the Power of Veto. Here are everyone’s times:

  • Lamar – 30m00s
  • Miesha – 5m58s
  • Todrick – 16m52s
  • Mirai – 16m58s
  • Cynthia – 22m43s
  • Carson – 3m54s

Carson beat Miesha’s time by 2m4s and won the first Power of Veto Competition! Miesha is not happy about having to renominate someone else after Carson takes himself off the block. After the comp, Mirai goes to talk to Miesha and she tells her that she would really like to stay this week. She also tells Miesha that if she wins the next HOH, she won’t put Miesha up. Miesha then tells her that if she does win, she’s curious to know who she would target. She asks Mirai to put Carson up if she wins HOH and Mirai agrees to it.

Shanna is worried that she could end up being the renom this week so she heads upstairs to talk to Miesha. She hasn’t had much of a chance to talk to Miesha and connect with her. When she talks to Miesha, she tells her that she isn’t part of any major alliance since the Formation went to hell in a handbasket. She tells Miesha about who was in this alliance which blows up everyone’s game.

Todrick talks to Miesha before the POV Ceremony and tells her that Teddi needs to go this week because she is Carson’s number one in the house. Miesha calls Teddi into the HOH room and tells her that she is going to be her renom choice. Teddi is upset because Miesha promised that she wasn’t going to put her up. Things get a little heated between the two of them and Teddi is clearly upset.

It is time for the Veto Meeting. Carson has decided to use the Veto on himself and Miesha did stick to the plan of replacing him with Teddi on the block.

We then got a look at a conversation between Lamar and Mirai about race and racism. Lamar tells her that competing in the Olympics was big for him and he loved representing his country. He adds that it would be great if his country also represented them as well.

It is time for the Curse of Mon Won to be revealed to the HGs! Julie tells the HGs that the HGs will be passing the hat around again, but this time, the last person will not want to have this hat. Cynthia is told to take the logo on the hat off and turn it upside down. The HGs will then pass the hat around and the final person to get the hat will be a nominee. However, they won’t be a third nominee, they will replace a nominee currently on the block!

  • Cynthia gave the hat to Shanna
  • Shanna gave the hat to Kirkpatrick
  • Kirkpatrick gave the hat to Todrick
  • Todrick gave the hat to Kattan
  • Kattan gave the hat to Lamar

This means that Todd was the last person to get the hat and will have to replace one of the current nominees. Todd decides to remove Mirai off the block which means that he will be up against Teddi in the eviction vote.

Here is how the votes landed:

  • Lamar – Teddi
  • Kattan – Todd
  • Todrick – Teddi
  • Cynthia – Todd
  • Kirkpatrick – Teddi
  • Carson – Todd
  • Mirai – Teddi
  • Shanna – Teddi

With five votes, Teddi has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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