Now that we have said goodbye to the first Celebrity Big Brother 3 houseguest, it’s not time to watch as the remaining houseguests compete in the next Head of Household Competition. After we find out which Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguest win this Head of Household Competition, we will find out who will be nominated for eviction. If you don’t want to wait to find out, you can check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get the HOH Competition and the Nomination Ceremony results!

After the eviction, Cynthia and Carson are talking about the vote and they are pretty upset that some of their alliance members didn’t vote for Teddi to stay. They thought that Shanna was the other person to vote for her, but it wasn’t her. Shanna tells them that she didn’t vote for Teddi because they didn’t have the votes regardless.

Shanna goes to Chris Kirkpatrick and Miesha and tells them how Cynthia is upset with her now but she wasn’t going to throw herself on the sword. Shanna asks them to help her if Cynthia or Carson wins HOH and puts her up. Meanwhile, Todrick is trying to do damage control by telling Cynthia that if he wins HOH, she is safe. However, Cynthia still doesn’t think she can trust him in this game.

It is time for the HOH competition! In this competition, the HGs will have to roll a ball down three platforms and it will land in a number pocket. The numbers will be added up and the person with the highest score will win HOH. Here are everyone’s scores:

  • Mirai – 51 points
  • Todrick – 36 points
  • Lamar – 61 points
  • Kirkpatrick – 75 points
  • Shanna – 52 points
  • Carson – 36 points
  • Cynthia – 46 points
  • Todd – 33 points
  • Chris Kattan – 27 points

With a score of 75 points, Kirkpatrick has won the Head of Household Competition! Miesha is excited that Kirkpatrick is the HOH because she and Todrick are safe. She also thinks that she has influence over him. Kirkpatrick goes to talk to Miesha and Todrick to see where their head is at. He tells them that he is thinking of targeting Mirai. She is the only one that he isn’t close to. Miesha mentions putting Mirai and Carson on the block together and if one comes down that he could put Cynthia up. Kirkpatrick tells us that she is trying to get him to do what’s best for her game, but this is his HOH. He says that they will talk later and then asks Shanna if they can go outside and chat.

They go outside and Kirkpatrick and Shanna both agree that he didn’t like Miesha trying to tell him what to do. He tells Shanna that he is thinking about putting Mirai and Todrick up because that will take one of the votes for Mirai to stay away. We then get a look at a conversation between Kirkpatrick, Cynthia, and Carson. He tells them that he isn’t even looking at them and adds that he isn’t listening to anyone else in the house.

Kirkpatrick talks to Todd and Lamar and he is trying to figure out who he is putting on the block next to Mirai. Lamar offers to go up, but Kirkpatrick doesn’t want to chance Lamar going home. Plus, he would rather have Lamar’s vote than him up as a nominee. Kirkpatrick talks to Miesha again in the gym and she is still trying to push Carson as a renom if Mirai comes off the block. Kirkpatrick says that Carson is not a threat to his game. She tells him that if Mirai comes down and he can’t get out his number one target, they should try and get out the team’s number one target, Carson.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony. Kirkpatrick nominates Kattan and Mirai for eviction. He tells them both that he hasn’t really talked game with either of them. He says that felt that nominating them straight up would give them a chance to win the Veto and take themselves off.

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