Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2022, we will watch as Miesha, Carson, Cynthia, and three other houseguests compete in the Power of Veto Competition. After that, we will watch the Veto Ceremony play out and find out which of the houseguests will be in danger of being evicted on Celebrity Big Brother 3. If you don’t want to wait for the details to unfold tonight, feel free to check out our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, refresh this page frequently for all the details as they play out.

We started tonight’s episode off with Carson and Cynthia talking after the Nomination Ceremony about how Miesha should have done Chris Kattan a favor and put him on the block so they could send him home. Cynthia then talks to Todrick who is letting her know that she has nothing to worry about this round. Basically telling her that Carson is the target this week.

After his talk with Cynthia, Todrick heads up to the gym to talk to Miesha because he has a feeling about something. He thinks that Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna are plotting against them. After his talk with her, he tells us in the Diary Room that if they can’t get Carson out this week, Kirkpatrick is definitely someone they need to watch out for.

Shanna is worried that she is going to get backdoored this week if Cynthia or Carson wins the Power of Veto. Kirkpatrick tells Shanna that if she wins the Veto and takes Carson down, they would both be safe. He tells her that there is a chance that he will be renom’d, but he thinks that his relationship with Miesha might stop her from doing that. He tells Shanna that if he wins the Veto, there is no way he can take Carson down because Shanna will definitely go up.

Miesha comes out of the Diary Room with an announcement for the houseguests. The card said that Chris Kattan would not be continuing in the game and that he wanted them all to know that he is okay. The card also says there would be a video message to follow. The video message comes up and he gets a chance to say goodbye to everyone and tell them each what he will miss about them. He also tells them that he can’t wait to see them all on the outside and meet all their families.

It is time to pick players for the Power of Veto! With there being eight houseguests left, only two will not compete. Miesha draws Shanna’s name, Cynthia draws a houseguests choice and picks Lamar, and Carson draws Todrick’s name. That leaves Kirkpatrick and Todd on the sidelines.

In this competition, the houseguests will be riding reindeer to earn 90 seconds on their clocks and then run to the other end and stack as many snowflakes as they can. Before their timer runs out, they have to run back, ride the reindeer to reset their clocks to 90 seconds, and do it all over again. Here are the results of the competition:

  • Lamar wasn’t paying attention to his clock and timed out
  • Miesha wasn’t paying attention to her clock and timed out
  • Cynthia locked in at 9 snowflakes
  • Shanna locked in at 22 snowflakes
  • Carson wasn’t paying attention to his clock and timed out
  • Todrick wasn’t paying attention to his clock and timed out

After Shanna locked in, Miesha tried to tell Shanna that she could take Cynthia off the block if she wants to. Also says that Cynthia isn’t who she is targeting this round anyway. Shanna tells us that she has a plan to save Carson and Cynthia from eviction.

Shanna is planning to take Carson off the block and when Kirkpatrick overhears a conversation where Miesha talks about putting Todd up, she thinks that this is their best option. Todd agreed to go up as a pawn. However, Miesha talks to Kirkpatrick and she realizes that Kirkpatrick isn’t going to vote Carson out. This is mostly because Kirkpatrick refused to lie to Miesha and tried to beat around her questioning. However, he doesn’t have a very good poker face.

Miesha talks to Shanna about the Veto. She asks Shanna if she plans to use it and Shanna tells her that she was thinking about using it on Cynthia. Miesha realizes that this is probably not the best thing for her game because it causes unnecessary risks. They decide to go up to the HOH to talk more. Miesha tells Shanna that if their goal is to get Carson out, then why even take Cynthia down. Shanna tells her that she is going to do some more thinking and do what’s best for her game.

It’s time for the Veto Ceremony! Shanna decides to use the POV on Carson and Miesha and Todrick are clearly not happy about it. Shanna tells her that if she stands a chance against her, she needs someone in the house that will get out there and win comps with her. Miesha is then told that since Carson has been taken down, she has to name a replacement nominee. Miesha chooses to put Kirkpatrick on the block next to Cynthia.

Shanna then explains why she did what she did to Miesha and Todrick. She tells them that she felt like she had no choice but to take Carson down. She felt that she would have been next and she needed to keep Carson in the house. Shanna goes to talk to Kirkpatrick and she is upset because she doesn’t want Kirkpatrick to leave.

Julie comes on the screen and gives them some current events information. After that, we got a look at some things that happened inside the Celebrity Big Brother house after the Veto Ceremony. Todd is clearly upset with Cynthia because she didn’t vote for him when he was sitting next to Teddi. Cynthia asks Todd if there is something bothering him and he tells her that it’s just going to take some time to get over it. Cynthia tells him that if he can’t get over it then he doesn’t need to feel obligated to vote for her.

Cynthia is still heated and goes back out into the kitchen and asks him why he can keep his word with his people, but she can’t keep her word with hers? Todd asks her if she really wants to go there and gets up and walks towards her. Things stayed heated for a little while, but it’s lit a fire under Cynthia!

It is time for the live vote and eviction! First Chris and Cynthia had a chance to sway their decision. Here is how the votes landed:

  • Todrick – Chris
  • Todd – Chris
  • Shanna – Chris
  • Lamar – Chris
  • Carson – Chris

With a vote of 5-0, Chris has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Head on over to my HOH Comp results post for all the details of tonight’s Wall Comp right here!

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