Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 3 we will watch as the houseguests battle it out in an endurance Head of Household Competition. After we find out which houseguest wins the Head of Household for this round of Celebrity Big Brother 2022, we will find out which two houseguest will be nominated for eviction. If you don’t want to wait to find out, you can get all the details here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

We started tonight’s episode off with the Head of Household Competition. Cynthia, Lamar, and Todd are the first three to fall off the wall. Leaving Todrick and Carson on the wall together. If you want to get all the details of the HOH competition, check out my results post right here where I recapped the entire comp from start to finish.

Todrick and Carson are holding on strong and then all of a sudden, Todrick starts to slip, but recovers. Todrick then decides that this might be the time to make a deal. Todrick asks Carson if he would not put him on the block if he dropped and Carson says he could do that. He promises not to put Todrick up and Todrick falls. Miesha knows that she is in trouble and Todrick knows she is too.

Carson, Shanna, and Cynthia have a moment to celebrate Carson’s win. They talk about the possibilities for nominations and he says that he made a deal with Todrick so he can’t put him up. He says that Miesha will definitely be going up and he can’t wait to quote her by saying “I have to put you up because you are the biggest threat.” Shanna mentions that Todd is nervous and Carson says he should be because he messed with Cynthia.

Carson gets his HOH room and everyone goes to check it out except for Miesha who tells us that she isn’t going to fake being happy for him.

Carson brings Todrick into the back bedroom to talk to him, Cynthia, and Shanna. He tells Todrick that he is planning on putting Miesha up with Todd and asks him if he wins the POV to keep the nominations the same. Todrick isn’t thrilled about this but asks them if the plan is to get Miesha out, then work together to get Lamar and Todd out. He has put together that this is a F4 deal, but he’s worried that he will be the first one out if he agrees to this deal.

Carson goes to talk to Miesha and he decides that he isn’t going to take this deal. Instead, he is going to try and blow up Shanna’s game and paint her as the enemy. He tells Cynthia that Shanna, Todrick, Miesha, and Kirkpatrick had a F4 and they have been working together the whole time. He tells us that he is exaggerating this a little bit, but that’s how Big Brother is played. Miesha comes in and confirms to Cynthia that Shanna has been trying to get Miesha and Todrick to target Carson from the start. Carson walks in and they tell him all of this and Cynthia and Carson are eating it up!

Cynthia tells Lamar that Shanna has been working with Miesha and Todrick the entire time and then Shanna walks out of the bathroom and asks Cynthia if they can talk. Cynthia tells her that she will only talk to her with Carson in the room. She heads upstairs and she and Carson chat for a bit in the gym before heading to the HOH. Shanna was trying to explain herself and things got heated. They are yelling back and forth and Todrick is standing on the kitchen table listening. Miesha is outside the HOH room.

The three of them head downstairs and Shanna tells Miesha and Todrick “well played” as she was walking by. Shanna then calls Miesha and Todrick out in front of everyone, but will that be enough to save her alliance with Carson and Cynthia?

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony. Carson has nominated Miesha and Todd for eviction. He tells them both that they are huge threats and has great respect for their game. Carson tells us that he isn’t a backdoor fan, but Shanna seems to be the target everyone wants out. However, if Shanna should win the POV, his original target is on the block.

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