Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 3, all but one houseguest will play in the Power of Veto Competition for Round 4. After that, the Veto Ceremony will determine who the final nominations are and who will be in danger of being sent home on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Keep reading our live recap for all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the house after the Nomination Ceremony took place. Carson tells us that there is a little bit of a risk with this plan, but he is hoping that everything works out in their favor. The plan is to get Shanna out, but if Shanna wins the Veto, that won’t be happening.

Todrick and Miesha talk at the table about how they can’t believe they were able to flip the entire house. Miesha tells us that she just has to focus on the Veto at this point because there is no guarantee she will come down if she doesn’t win.

Cynthia and Shanna are talking now but Cynthia isn’t convinced that she is giving her all the information. She still thinks that Shanna is holding things back by not admitting to playing both sides. Shanna tells her, in the beginning, she was playing both sides, because she was trying to get to know people and get to know the dynamic of the house. However, she drew a line in the sand last week when she took Carson off the block and voted Kirkpatrick out.

Carson and Cynthia talk and Carson thinks that they are doing the right thing by trying to target her. Cynthia tells him that she feels like Shanna isn’t owning up to anything. They agree that they don’t think that Miesha and Todrick would make up this whole thing just to win a game. Carson says that he really trusts Miesha and if she is lying, she is a really good liar.

Miesha talks to Todrick that she doesn’t want to commit to a F4 with Carson and Cynthia. Todrick agrees that he doesn’t want to either, however, if it means saving Miesha, he will do it.

Carson decides that he needs to put some assurances into place. He tells Miesha that if one of them (Miesha or Todrick) wins Veto, then Miesha will come down. He says that Shanna will then go up and go home. He asks that he would feel better about this if she could promise Carson and Cynthia safety if she wins HOH next round. Miesha agrees. Carson runs to tell Cynthia the good news.

Meanwhile, Miesha is telling Todrick about the deal she made with Carson and Todrick says that he will have to win HOH then because the deal doesn’t involve him.

Tonight’s Veto Competition is a puzzle comp and Shanna is the only one who wasn’t picked to play. In the end, Todrick ends up winning the Power of Veto. At the Veto Ceremony, Todrick used the Power of Veto on Todd (which was all for the theatrics) and Carson replaced Todd with Shanna. Here is how the votes landed:

  • Todd – Shanna
  • Cynthia – Shanna
  • Lamar – Shanna
  • Todrick – Shanna

With four votes, Shanna has been evicted Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. Be on the lookout for HOH spoilers coming up later tonight!

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