We have officially kicked off round three of Celebrity Big Brother 3 with a new Head of Household and a new target in mind. If you have been keeping up with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, then you know what’s been going on. If you need to catch up, feel free to check out my Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap from Monday night before reading on.

Last night we said goodbye to Mirai and hello to the new Head of Household. Miesha ended up going on to win the HOH Competition after Monday night’s eviction show. We all knew as soon as she won that her target this week would be Carson but who would she put on the block next to him?

Todrick had a lot to say to Miesha about Chris Kirkpatrick but never said that he wanted to see Kirkpatrick on the block. He was just venting about things that he has been hearing and how Kirkpatrick has been acting. Miesha told Todrick that her target this week is in fact Carson, however if for some reason he is taken off the block after the Power of Veto competition, she does have a backup plan in mind.

Before I tell you what the backup plan is, let’s find out who she nominated!

Nominations for Round 3 of Celebrity Big Brother are:

  • Carson
  • Cynthia

I kind of saw this coming because she wants to try and weaken the other side of the house. Miesha and Todrick still don’t realize that Carson and Cynthia have Kirkpatrick and Shanna on their side. If for some reason Carson comes off the block, Miesha’s plan isn’t to target Cynthia. Instead, she plans to put Chris Kattan up and let everyone vote him out so he can go home.

The Power of Veto should happen tomorrow since there is some extra time before Friday’s eviction show. I will have spoilers for you when the Power of Veto takes place!

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