We have kicked off another round of Celebrity Big Brother 3 with a new Head of Household and a new set of nominees. If you have missed any of my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, make sure you check those out to get all caught up. Otherwise, keep reading to find out which two Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguests are on the block!

If you have been keeping up with the spoilers, then you know that Carson has won the Head of Household. With Miesha targeting Carson twice and trying to get Chris Kirkpatrick to target him, you would have expected the clear-cut plan to be to target Miesha. Up until this afternoon, I would have agreed with you. However, Miesha and Todrick have convinced Carson to target Shanna instead.

Todrick started it by telling Cynthia that Shanna has been playing both sides of the house and told her about a F4 that Miesha, Todrick, Kirkpatrick, and Shanna had. Miesha and Todrick went on a whole rant to Cynthia and Carson and they seemed to believe it all. However, Miesha and Todrick did agree that Shanna should not be put on the block initially. That way there is no guarantee that she plays in the Veto.

So who did Carson put on the block at the Nomination Ceremony? Let’s find out!

The Nominees for Round 4 of Celebrity Big Brother are:

  • Miesha
  • Todd

Right before the Nomination Ceremony, there were talks about him putting Miesha and Todd up so that he could keep his promise to Todrick. After the feeds came back up, it took quite some time to get confirmation on who the nominees were. Todd mentioned that he was finally going to get to compete in a Veto which confirmed that he was on the block and Miesha was always part of the plan.

Carson and the rest of the house are hoping that Shanna doesn’t get picked for the Veto and isn’t able to save herself. I might have Power of Veto results tomorrow, however, it could play out live on Monday. I’ll keep you posted!

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