The Power of Veto Ceremony has now taken place inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. As we know, Miesha is the Head of Household, and Carson and Cynthia are her nominees this week on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. The Power of Veto took place inside the house on Wednesday and you can get all the details here with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers. Read on to find out what happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony!

After the feeds were down for six hours yesterday, we found out that Shanna went on to win the Power of Veto Competition this round. We listened in on Shanna talking to herself and she was saying that Miesha gave her permission to use the Veto on Cynthia, however, Shanna wanted to use it on Carson instead.

There were talks that Todd could be the replacement nominee, but after Miesha talked to Chris Kirkpatrick, she started toying with the idea of putting Kirkpatrick on the block as a renom. Miesha is also expecting the Veto to be used on Cynthia though and not Carson. There was also some talk about Shanna not using the Power of Veto if Miesha could promise that they (Miesha and Todrick) aren’t coming after her.

Let’s find out what happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony, shall we?

The Veto Ceremony Results for Round 3 are:

  • Shanna used the Veto on Carson
  • Miesha renominated Kirkpatrick
  • Kirkpatrick and Cynthia are final noms

There you have it, Cynthia and Kirkpatrick are final nominees. Who do you think will be evicted tomorrow on Celebrity Big Brother?

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