The Celebrity Big Brother 3 houseguests competed in the Round 5 Power of Veto Competition on Wednesday. This means that it is now Veto Ceremony Day inside the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 house! Find out what happened at the Veto Ceremony right here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.

This week we have Todd in the Head of Household and he nominated Carson and Lamar for eviction. The plan this week was pretty simple and that was to get Carson out of the house. The only way that wouldn’t happen was if Carson or Cynthia won the Veto and their best case would have been for Cynthia to win it and take Carson down.

If Todd, Miesha, or Todrick won the Veto, they would keep the noms the same, the noms would save themselves, and if Cynthia won she would take Carson off the block. Unfortunately for Carson and Cynthia, Miesha went on to win the Power of Veto Competition for round 5 of Celebrity Big Brother. There were some brief conversations about pulling Lamar down and putting Cynthia on the block to ensure that Carson would be voted out unanimously, but is that the plan they went with?

The Veto Ceremony Results for Round 5 are:

  • Miesha did not use the Power of Veto
  • Carson and Lamar are final noms

There you have it, Miesha decided that there was no logical reason to pull Lamar off the block and ruffle any more feathers in the house. Carson will likely be voted out during Friday night’s live eviction and it will be imperative for Cynthia or Lamar to win the Head of Household if they don’t want to be next.

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