Friday night on Celebrity Big Brother 2022, we watched as the first houseguest was evicted from the house. Now that the first Celebrity Big Brother 3 houseguest has been evicted, it’s time to find out who the new Head of Household is! Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out which of the remaining 10 houseguests went on to win the Head of Household competition!

After the Curse of the Mon Won was released on the house and an interesting turn of events, Todd ended up on the block next to Teddi at Friday night’s live eviction. In the end, by a vote of 5-3, Teddi ended up evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. After the live eviction show ended, the feeds came back up for a little while as the HGs got ready for the Head of Household competition to take place. At about 8:03 PM BBT, the HGs went out to the backyard to compete in the next HOH competition. The feeds were down for just over 2 hours and when the live feeds came back up, here is what we found out!

The Head of Household for Round 2 is:

  • Chris Kirkpatrick

With Kirkpatrick in the Head of Household, we could probably expect Miesha to have a pretty big influence on who he decides to nominate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carson ended up on the block this week.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for my live feeds recap and nomination spoilers throughout the day tomorrow!

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