Yesterday we had some interesting conversations on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds. With Omarosa out of the house most of the day, there was a lot of speculation that she might not be coming back, which lead to an interesting “back-up plan” for nominations. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap for all the details!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 2 - Saturday

There have been new alliances and F4 plans made between some of the HGs in the Celebrity Big Brother house. If you have missed any of the live feed action, make sure you check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all caught with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! Keep reading if you are ready to hear about what went on in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday!

One of the conversations I feel is worth talking about is one between Ross, Ari, Marissa and Brandi where he tells them he wants a F4 with them. He then goes into how he needs James and Shannon to believe that they are in this with him too. Brandi mentions how they should all keep her to the end because in the end, they can all beat her. Which probably isn’t too far from the truth.

After this conversation, Ross plants a seed with Mark about how Shannon and James could have something going on as far as an alliance and tells him that they need to watch them. Later, Ross has a conversation with his F4 and Ari brings up how Ross should put Shannon on the block if Omarosa doesn’t come back, but Ross is worried that if Shannon goes up that she could win Veto and come after Ross later. Which is a valid concern, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t BD her and put someone else up as a pawn, right?

Feeds go down for a while and when they come back up it looks like the HGs were in an HOH lockdown, but Omarosa has returned to the house. The feeds go down for another hour or so and we think it’s time for noms, but Brandi was called to the DR moments prior and when they came back, it doesn’t look like anything happened. After the feeds come back this time, Ari discovers that Omarosa is back and sleeping. Which means that Omarosa was back in the house for more than an hour without anyone even noticing.

Ross’ plan to put Keshia and Omarosa is back on, but if one of them comes down then Ross said he would consider putting either James or Shannon up in their place. Feeds go down for noms and his nominations are in. Omarosa and Ross have a talk after the noms ceremony and she tells him that her time outside gave her a new perspective and she really has enjoyed her time in the house hanging out with the other HGs. She also tells Ari later that she is going to fight for the POV because she isn’t ready to go home yet.

We closed the night off with a conversation between Ross and Marissa about how BD’ing Shannon would be the best move for their game. They agree that it has to be done because she lied to them about her early deal with Omarosa. They also think that Shannon is a bigger threat than anyone else in the house. Ross was worried that James might get upset with this decision, but Ross says that they could just tell him that Shannon was the first to mention James’ name last round.

Do you think that if given the opportunity Ross would actually go through with the plan of BD’ing Shannon? Do you think Shannon is a bigger threat than Keshia or Omarosa? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

New episode of Celebrity Big Brother is on tonight and live eviction tomorrow night. Tonight we can expect to see how the HOH played out and the noms ceremony. Tomorrow will most likely be POV and the live vote. Could be an interesting day on the feeds with POV players being picked, POV being played and the POV ceremony so make sure you look for those spoilers right here!

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