Yesterday’s Celebrity Big Brother 2018 live feeds were filled with paranoia and then tears (lots and lots of tears) when one of the HGs was surprised at the nomination ceremony Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out what went on in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 3 - Tuesday

Yesterday’s feeds started off with Ariadna sharing who she was nominating and who her main target is this round. Needless to say, throughout the day, one of her targets started to get really suspicious that something was going on. Well her suspicions were right and when the nominations ceremony was over, there were a lot of tears.

After the nomination ceremony, Brandi, Omarosa, Marissa, Ross, Ari and Shannon were all in one of the bedrooms, Shannon is crying because her and James were just put on the block. Shannon thought that the targets were going to be Metta and Omarosa or something of the sorts. Instead it ended up being her and James and she doesn’t understand what happened.

Shannon tells them that she feels like her alliance abandoned her and tells them that she doesn’t understand why they see her as such a big threat. I’m going to go with the fact that she was able to flip the entire house in the first eviction. She continues to cry throughout the day and isolates herself in her bed. Everyone is trying to convince her that it’s nothing personal, but she is riding the pity train to the end of the line.

After the HGs stopped participating in Shannon’s pity party, they go and talk about how they don’t understand why she is reacting this way. She had kept so much information from them that she shouldn’t feel betrayed, she should have seen this coming. I have to say, I kind of agree with this especially because of all the side deals she made throughout the house.

Feeds cut for the POV player drawing and when the feeds come back, we see all the HGs huddled around the fish tank. Shannon, goes to get something to eat and retreats back to her bed. She continues to isolate herself all night and even goes to bed early just to avoid talking to the other HGs. The rest of the night the HGs chit chat with each other about how Shannon needs to remain the target regardless of how bad she makes them all feel about it. They have all agreed that if she should win the POV and take herself down, James will be their target this week.

Ross at one point tries to convince James that he had nothing to do with the noms and that he is just going along with it. Brandi told Shannon that if she won the POV she would use it on her and take her down, but she tells Ross later on that she doesn’t intend to follow through with that. Ross calls her out for telling her that to keep her safe if Shannon should get off the block, but that doesn’t help the rest of them. Ross tells Brandi that she should talk to him before saying things like that to the other HGs.

Shannon is feeling pretty sorry for herself, but can she pull herself out of it long enough to win the POV and save herself from eviction? We will find out soon enough. According to the chit chat in the house, the HGs are expecting to play the POV sometime today, but according to the TV listing, it will be a live comp on Friday. We will find out soon enough! Make sure you check back for more spoilers, if they come, and for my live recap of tonight’s episode later tonight!

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