There was some drama at the start of the day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house yesterday. Mostly thanks to Omarosa trying to stir the pot and get the HGs all riled up. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers here to find out what happened yesterday before and after the Power of Veto comp!


Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 3 - Wednesday

The day started off with a series of conversations, within these conversations, there is are a couple of conversations that sounded a little hostile. There were also conversations that involved throwing other HGs under the bus. Keep reading to find out what was said and by who on the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 feeds!

Brandi and Ariadna are talking about how the guys are rallying to save James and Brandi is worried that they might be trying to get all the women out. Omarosa, Brandi and Ari are talking about Ross and his numerous alliances and F4 deals. Ari and Omarosa tell Brandi that they think James should go this week, not Shannon. As long as he doesn’t win POV.

Meanwhile, Ross is telling Shannon that he wanted to see Omarosa and Metta on the block this week. Which is true, but he left out the part where Shannon was the renom after POV. Him and Marissa tell Shannon that they didn’t believe that Shannon was in on their F4 deal with James because she kept saying they needed to get rid of James. Marissa and Ross tell Shannon that this was nothing personal, just a game move.

Omarosa decides that she is going to tell James that he is now the target this week, not Shannon. He is surprised by this and also kind of confused as to why Omarosa would tell him this. She tells him that she is at the bottom in her group and then James goes to talk to Marissa and Ross. They promise him that they haven’t heard anything like that.

There is then a conversation between Shannon and Omarosa and they basically make up and agree to start over. During this conversation, Omarosa tells Shannon not to give up and to rally hard for votes. Marissa is talking to Ari and tells her that Omarosa asked her if she had a deal with Shannon (She did from Day 1). Shannon is at the same time telling Brandi that Omarosa told her that Ross and Marissa have a deal with James. This conversation turns into a “if I stay” I’ll nominate anyone you want and Brandi tells her that Ross needs to be the next one to go because of how many deals he has made. They are talking about if James comes down then they should renom Mark or Ross.

There is then a huge blow out between Omarosa and James where Omarosa tells James that he is twisting her words when it came to their conversation earlier. Brandi then jumps in and tells Omarosa that she is just trying to cover up her game play that has now come back and bit her in the @$$.

After that conversation is over, Omarosa asks Shannon what happens if Omarosa wins the POV and takes Shannon down, Shannon tells her that they would both be safe this week from eviction. Meanwhile, half of the house is talking about how James needs to go because if he doesn’t, he is going to gun for them. This then turns into them trying to get James to join their side of the house so that he doesn’t come after them. There is a lot of chatter after all of this on whether they should get James out instead of Shannon, but Ross still really wants Shannon out.

Then the feeds cut for POV and after seven and a half hours, we get the results of the POV comp! When the feeds come back up, Shannon looks like she is in a good mood, maybe she won the POV? No, she didn’t. We get confirmation that James won the POV which means he is safe this week.

James and Ross have a conversation about if he would be safe if he didn’t use it, Ross tells him he has to use it to save himself. However, he mentions that James can bring up all the drama with Omarosa to improve Shannon’s chances. The HGs get a huge sushi meal delivered to them and they are celebrating their halfway point.

The rest of the night is the HGs talking about past seasons and the comps. They are chatting about life and their families. Oh and they mention how cocky James has been since he won the POV. Later the only game talk that happens is between Brandi and Ari about who the renom should be. They talk about putting Omarosa or Mark up, but agree that Omarosa might be too tempting to vote out.

Things are going to get interesting today and tomorrow as Shannon tries to rally votes. Will Brandi really help her try and stay? Who will they renom at the POV Ceremony? We will hopefully find out sometime before the live eviction show tomorrow night!

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