Yesterday was nomination day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house and the houseguests were kept on their toes all day. The only ones that thought they were safe, were the two who made deals with the HOH. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of yesterday’s feeds!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 4 - Saturday

There were a lot of talks in the house about deals and “what ifs” with the POV twist out there. It is going to be an interesting POV this round which should be happening tomorrow on the live show. We will have to wait and see, but for now, keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap to find out what kind of deals are in place this round!

The day started off with Omarosa trying to figure out who the rogue vote for Mark was last round and Brandi admits to doing it as a sympathy vote. We know that she planned on blaming Metta on the vote to save her and her alliance, but she just managed to tick a lot of people off.

Ariadna, Marissa and Brandi are all talking about who they think Omarosa is going to target, they think that she is going to go after the guys, but keep her deal with James from the HOH comp. They talk about trying to put the target on Mark. Mark is actually having a conversation with James about how he knows he isn’t the target, but he doesn’t like being used as a pawn. James tells Mark that if they want to make it to the end, their best bet is to get their with Ross and Marissa and Mark agrees.

Omarosa, Brandi and Marissa have a conversation a little later when Marissa comes in to ask Omarosa if she is a target this week. Omarosa tells her that her target this week is Ross because he put her up. Brandi tells Marissa that if Marissa were to go up against Ross on the block, she would have the votes to stay. Marissa calls BS and tells her that even Brandi would vote her out over Ross.

Later, Omarosa reminds Marissa that if they have the option to change the noms (the POV twist) they can put James up, but Omarosa is going to stick to her deal with him and not put him up. She later tells James that the other HGs have been reminding her of that in order to get another deal from him. Meanwhile, Ross is working his alliance trying to get them to give Omarosa an easy target so that he doesn’t end up on the block. Brandi tells him she has been mentioning Mark, but she isn’t going for it.

Omarosa then has a conversation with Mark. She tells him that she doesn’t want to use him as a pawn against Ross. She makes a deal with him as long as he is willing to return the favor if he wins HOH. She tells Mark that in the case of a renom (that she can control), her choice would be Marissa. She makes her rounds to see if she has the votes to get Ross out, but some of the ladies have decided to lie to Omarosa and tell her that they support her target, but they would vote for whoever is up against him.

Omarosa knows that she is going to have a hard time getting the women to vote Ross out so she tells Marissa that her new target is Brandi and tells Marissa to tell Ross to fight hard for the POV. After this conversation, the feeds go down for nominations and when the feeds come back, we find out that Ross and Brandi have been nominated. Ross isn’t happy about being there and tells everyone that Omarosa’s justification for the nomination is inaccurate. Apparently she said that Ross had deals with half the house, but she tells them that she said that because it makes for dramatic TV. She really put him up because she needs to split up the pairs. Ross tells her she should’ve said that.

Oh, and apparently, Omarosa winked at Marissa after nominating Ross, which made it look like she sold out her allies. Which she kind of did. She isn’t happy about it either way. Later on, Marissa and Ari have realized that Omarosa has made deals with Mark and James which means that Mark won’t be her renom. They have realized that either Marissa or Ari would be her renom choices. Marissa knows that she is most likely the renom choice because she is the only one that won’t vote to evict Ross.

This Veto Twist is going to make the live show tomorrow very interesting! If you still haven’t voted, make sure you do so here! Here are your voting choices for the twist! Make sure you come back tonight for my Celebrity Big Brother live recap!

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