With a week left in the Celebrity Big Brother season, conversations in the house have turned to votes and this week’s dreaded POV twist, which we will see play out tonight! If you missed anything that has happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house, check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers. In the meantime, check out what happened on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds right here!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 4 - Sunday

It was a late morning in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house yesterday with the HGs not rolling out of bed until 11am BBT. A lot of the game talk yesterday was about votes and who everyone thought they could or couldn’t beat in the end. Then you add the stress of the POV twist and the HGs are all wondering what’s going to happen.

The first game related conversation that happened yesterday was the HGs discussing the Black Box POV Comp from last round. Apparently they kept the HGs outside for 45 minutes each regardless of how long it took for them to complete the comp. This way, none of them could guess each other’s times.

Later, Marissa is talking to Ross and she tells him that she doesn’t think she could beat anyone in the house other than Mark in the end. Marissa tells Ross that she would take Mark in her F2, but then switches it to Ross and tells him she would be upset to lose to him though. She also tells Ross that she doesn’t want to turn on Ariadna either, but Ross tells her that won’t happen. They also think that Metta will make it to F5 before someone targets him. Ross also promises that if Marissa ends up on the block next to Brandi this round, Brandi will go home instead of Marissa.

Meanwhile, James and Mark are having a conversation about how they have to keep Ross this round and vote out Brandi instead because they trust him more. They then wonder if they should tell Omarosa, but agree that her personal vendetta against Ross makes it not worth telling her. Not yet.

There is some chit chat about F4s, but then there is a conversation between Marissa and James. James is making a deal with her for a F4 involving her, Ross, James and Mark. He tells her that they need to save Ross this week and with her, James and Mark’s vote, they can do that. He then mentions that Omarosa would be their next target and then tells her that Ari would be next because she is a bigger target than Metta. She tells James that she needs to think about it, which makes James nervous because he is worried she would go back to Ari and tell her. She then camtalks and tells us that she is going to agree to the deal, but won’t actually go through with getting rid of Ari.

There is a group discussion about where they HGs think the jury votes are going to fall. Later, Omarosa has a conversation with Ari and tells her that she needs to start worrying about her game. Omarosa also tells her that she is too close to Brandi. Omarosa also clues Ari in on Marissa being the renom option if one of the nominations should come down. Omarosa tells her that she should tell Marissa that Brandi is the target no matter if Ross or Marissa are up there with her. She later offers her a F3 deal with her and Metta.

Omarosa has been planting seeds all day with Ari and Marissa, Ari asks Marissa if there is a deal between her, Ross, James and Mark, but she denied it to Ari. Marissa then goes to Ross to tell him that she thinks that Ari knows and Ross tells her just to tell Ari they will protect her as long as they can.

The night ends with a conversation between Marissa and Omarosa. Marissa tells Omarosa that Ross wouldn’t go after her if he didn’t go home this round. Omarosa thinks that he would, but Marissa tells her that he would go after James. Marissa asks Omarosa who her renom would be if Brandi comes down and she lies and tells her Mark. She adds that they would then vote Mark out. Marissa would actually be her renom choice and then regardless she splits up one of the pairs.

Tonight we have a live POV comp and a twist and then a live eviction where another one of the Celebrity Big Brother HGs will be going home. This twist could change the entire game! Make sure you come back tonight for my full Celebrity Big Brother live recap!

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