The day before eviction is usually an interesting one in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house and yesterday didn’t disappoint either. The HGs have no idea that tonight is a double eviction, although some know there has to be at least one before Sunday. We got the results of the POV ceremony yesterday and we now have our final nominations in place.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 5 - Thursday

There has been a target in place this week since Mark walked away with the HOH win on Celebrity Big Brother and that target is Brandi. Brandi is desperately trying to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but will she be able to convince the other HGs to evict Marissa instead? We will have to wait and see, in the meantime, keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out what went on in the house!

It’s no secret that Brandi is the target this week with Mark being the HOH and his closest ally being James who Brandi has been targeting since day 1. There are some conversations in the house prior to the Veto Ceremony. Ross tells Mark and James that if they renom’d Omarosa in Ariadna’s place, he would be too tempted to vote for Omarosa. He tells them that putting Marissa up next to Brandi would make it easier for Ross to vote to evict Brandi. James says that Omarosa will have to go next and then Ariadna after that, but there isn’t really much talk beyond that.

Feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony and when they come back everything seems to have gone to plan. Ariadna used the Veto to take herself down and Mark renom’d Marissa in her place. The Veto Ceremony lasted about 20 minutes longer than normal. Brandi asks Ross where Marissa went and he tells her she went to go pack. Brandi calls her dramatic.

They talk about how they would have played things differently if they weren’t worried about their friendships in the house or their fanbase outside of the house. Brandi says that her fans expect her to be upfront all the time so she wasn’t effected by that. The SnapChat glasses have been brought out and the HGs are playing around with them for a bit.

Brandi suggests that the HGs all meet in the living room so that her and Marissa can plead their case on why they should stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house. James said that will happen during the live show and Brandi tells them that it’s too late by then and everyone brushes off her idea. Marissa mentions to Ross that Brandi thinks she has a chance to stay, Ross tells her there isn’t a chance and Brandi is still trying to get everyone in the living room. Marissa ad Ross agree that Brandi is going to bury herself before the eviction.

Omarosa is planting seeds throughout the day convincing Brandi that there is a chance to flip the vote (there isn’t). Brandi tells Omarosa about the F4 deal her, Ari, Ross and Marissa had and how he had a F2 with Brandi since Day 1 (later, Ross tells her that a lot has changed since making that deal). Omarosa tells Ari that they have to keep Brandi in order to keep the numbers advantage in the house. Omarosa tells Brandi that the next time Marissa is called to the DR, she should go talk to Ross one on one.

There is an hour long lockdown in the HOH and no one really knows why. Brandi comes back with a laminated card and calls everyone to the living room for an announcement. They have to wake up Ross and Omarosa, but when they get out to the living room, the find out that Brandi pranked them and started reading “hair extension instructions.” Omarosa is less than thrilled about being woken up for that.

Brandi attempts to talk to Ross and flip his vote, this is where he told her that a lot had changed since they made their deal. Brandi is hurt by this and Ross explains to her that he is caught in an impossible situation with both of them on the block. He tells Brandi that he can’t vote against the one person that has been the most loyal to him in this game (Marissa). Brandi tells him that she was never disloyal to him and then tells him that she has Omarosa’s vote and he should join them and give her the votes to stay. Ari tells Ross she doesn’t want him to look bad on camera if he did make all these deals and is now going against them.

Brandi goes to Marissa and tells her that she has known Ross for years and this feels like a gut punch. Later, Ross tells Marissa that Brandi is clearly trying to make this personal, like they thought she might. Brandi later tells Ari that she thinks Ross is sticking by Marissa’s side because of her connections in Broadway. Brandi is then peptalking Ari and Omarosa telling them that they have to win HOH and stick together.

Brandi has a conversation with Mark later on and is asking him what his plan is. He keeps joking with her and blowing off her questioning. She tells her that his plan is to get his check on Sunday. She asks him if he would go against James to win and he tells her that he would. You have to eventually turn on everyone in the house in order to win. She mentions that she doesn’t think to highly of James (okay, she called him a “dick”). Mark tells her that he thinks James is a lovely human being, but Brandi tells him that he will see who James really is outside of the house. Mark tells her that isn’t going to work on him, she tells him she isn’t trying to work on him. Brandi brings up being friends with Ross outside of the house. Mark didn’t know that.

The HGs are wondering if America is going to vote one of them out and Omarosa says if they do she is toast. She probably isn’t wrong. They then talk about how they are going to cut them all down before the finale. The women think there is a DE Friday, Mark doesn’t think so, we know the women are right. Brandi continues to talk to Mark about how she thinks the game will be really close if he ends up in the final with James. Brandi tells him that he has a better chance of winning if he takes Omarosa with him.

Brandi and Ross hug it out and then have a conversation about who should go next. They agree that James needs to go before Omarosa does. The rest of the night is just chit chat among the HGs about where they think the jury votes will fall. Brandi has accepted the fact that she is going home tonight, but what the HGs don’t know is that two of them will be going home tonight. Make sure you come back later to find out which HGs will be evicted on Celebrity Big Brother!

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