Yesterday on the Celebrity Big Brother feeds, there was a lot of talk about how with Ross, Marissa, Ari and Brandi trying to get Omarosa out of the house instead of one of them. They were pretty on edge until the nomination ceremony happened later in the day. Keep reading to find out what happened on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds right here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 5 - Tuesday

The day in the Celebrity Big Brother house started off with Mark and James having a conversation about Brandi and how Mark thinks she is a threat if she stays in the house. James mentions that he feels bad for Ari because of the position she is in being closest to Brandi. They continue the conversation with Mark’s back-up plan.

Mark tells James that he would be open to BD’ing Omarosa if getting Brandi out doesn’t work. His ideal situation would be to get Brandi out so that they can isolate Ari. He then changes his mind and tells James that he might renom Ross or Marissa instead, but James tells him that Ross and Marissa won’t like that much. Mark basically says “too bad, not their choice.”

Omarosa thinks that if she doesn’t win Veto this week, she will be going home. Ari goes to talk to James and explains to him that the only reason she renom’d him during her HOH was because she knew that she would be able to get Shannon out. She tells him that she didn’t want James out, Shannon was her target all along. After that conversation ends, James goes to coach Mark for his nomination speech. During this, Mark mentions that he thinks that Brandi is a bigger challenge threat than Omarosa and Brandi should be their number one target.

Brandi and Marissa are trying to figure out a way to get Omarosa out this week instead of one of their alliance members. Meanwhile, Ross is talking to Mark and he tells Mark that Ari asked him if he thought she was going up against Brandi this week. Ross tells Mark that he played dumb. Mark tells him that he can’t worry about all this stuff because they are at the end of the game. Ross tells him that he would do the same thing he is if he was in the HOH.

Later there is a conversation between Marissa and Ross where they disagree on who they would keep out of Brandi and Ari. Ross would keep Brandi, but Marissa would keep Ari. They both agree that Omarosa needs to go before F4 or else that’s going to be what everyone remembers most about this season.

Feeds go down and then when they come back we find out that Mark nominated Ari and Brandi like he planned. Mark tells Ari and Brandi that it’s not personal, the really does like them, but it’s a game. I feel like they shouldn’t have to explain this every time we have a nomination ceremony. Ari is disappointed that Omarosa isn’t on the block, but Brandi tells her that’s because they probably have a deal. Brandi is also worried that Ross may have known and had a say in this decision.

There is some back and forth about Mark’s choice for nominations. After that the HGs have a pool tournament upstairs. Feeds cut for about 45 minutes and when they came back up, we found out that the players for the POV have been picked. The POV should happen at some point today and the only one not playing is Ross. He will host.

Ross tells Ari that he doesn’t want her or Brandi to leave and he is really hoping that one of them wins the POV and Omarosa is put up. Brandi doesn’t think that will happen and she is still really upset because she thinks that Ross knew about the plan to nom her and Ari. Later, James and Brandi have a brief conversation about her being so mean to him all the time. She tells him it’s because he is too cocky, he tells her that he is ready to send her home. Brandi doesn’t think of it as being mean, she just thinks she is telling the truth. Later Brandi goes to Marissa and tells her how she is upset that everyone was agreeing that she is mean to James.

The night ends with all the HGs talking about the drama. Brandi is the main target, if the POV is used then it looks like Omarosa might be the renom choice. Brandi definitely didn’t help herself with starting this stuff with James though, so unless she is saved from the block, she will walk out the door as the first evictee of Friday night’s Double Eviction.

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