Tonight we get to see how the Head of Household competition played out this round of Celebrity Big Brother 2018. If you don’t want to wait to see who won the HOH comp, you can find out right here! Make sure you keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s HOH comp right here with my Celebrity Big Brother live recap!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap Episode 10 - HOH and Nominations!

After the HOH comp is over, we will then watch as the new HOH nominates two fellow HGs for eviction. You can also find out who was nominated by checking out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! In the meantime, you can keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother live recap for all the details of tonight’s episode!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the house after Metta was evicted last time on Celebrity Big Brother. Brandi is really sad that Metta is gone because she really liked him and he essentially saved her from being evicted. We then get a look at what happened before the eviction where Metta actually asked Omarosa to send him home if she had a chance. Then we also see as Marissa tells James, Mark and Ross that she is in on their F4 deal and Ross, Mark and James are trying to come up with a name for their alliance, it’s actually kind of funny. That came up with “Roomie Squad.”

We then find out that Marissa and Ross actually have two F4 deals. The Roomie Squad and a F4 with Brandi and Ariadna. Ross is trying to get all six of them together to get Omarosa out, but to Ari, James is a bigger target. She thinks that James is coming after Ari. Regardless, everyone has a different target than their allies and they are all hoping they win HOH. Before the HOH comp, Omarosa tells Marissa that while she was HOH, James and Mark had suggested she put Marissa up on the block.

It is time for the HOH comp and they will be doing a Red Carpet walk, but the Red Carpet they are walking, are elevated and rock. They go into the backyard in groups of three. If they fall off the Red Carpet, they have to start over. As the comp goes, it gets easier to cross, but it’s still not very easy to get to the other side. The first group to go in are the girls, Marissa, Brandi and Ari. Brandi finishes first, then Marissa and then Ari. Then the men go. They are struggling. The first one of the guys to finish is Mark, then James, finally Ross. Out of these times, the three fastest will move on to a second round.

The three fastest times are Mark at one minute and 23 seconds, James at one minute and 52 seconds and the third is Brandi with a time of 6 minutes and 48 seconds. They will go on to the second and final round of the HOH. In the final round, Mark, James and Brandi will be doing the red carpet again. James is the first to finish, but he is waiting to see if Mark can finish before Brandi so he can get his letter from home and pictures of his family. If Brandi gets close, he will hit his button. Mark makes it to the button before Brandi and James lets him win.

Brandi is less than thrilled about this outcome because she knows she is in trouble. Mark’s closest ally is James, who wants Brandi out more than anything. Marissa confronts James about what Omarosa told her before the HOH comp. Ross is talking to Mark about Omarosa and her lies and then Marissa comes in and he is starting to think that Omarosa isn’t a bad target either if his target should end up winning POV. Speaking of POV, it is currently being done on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds and I will have the results as soon as the feeds come back!

Later there is a chat between Ross, Omarosa, Mark, Brandi and Marissa where Brandi actually picks a fight with Mark about James throwing the HOH to him. She is digging herself a deeper hole. She is insinuating that he didn’t earn it, but last I checked, she was going to lose either way and either way she was in trouble.

It is now time for the nomination ceremony, Mark nominates Brandi and Ariadna. He tells Brandi that it’s because she is a threat and he heard through the grapevine that she has been lobbying for him to go up for eviction. He tells Ariadna that she is also a threat and she is closest to Brandi therefore she is guilty by association.

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