Tonight on a two hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2018, we will watch as not one, but two, HGs get evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Make sure you keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s double eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 right here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap: Episode 11 - Double Eviction!

Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 is going to be filled with excitement and you are not going to want to miss a moment of the action! First we will find out who won the POV, we will watch the POV Ceremony and then we will move on to the first live eviction! After that, we will watch another HOH, POV and then have a second eviction and you can get all the details here!

We started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother with a look at the aftermath of the nomination ceremony where Mark nominated Brandi and Ariadna for eviction. Brandi is the clear target this round because of her vendetta against James. Ari and Brandi are talking after the nomination ceremony and Brandi mentions that she thinks Ross knew about them being put up next to each other.

Ross goes to talk to Marissa about them teaming up with Mark and James in their new final four deal. They are talking about how Ross feels bad about having to send Brandi home. James is trying to make Ari feel better about being on the block and he tells her that Brandi is the target and if anyone uses the POV, Omarosa will be the renom.

It is now time to pick players for the Veto Comp. Mark picks first, he picks Omarosa’s name. Brandi picks James and Ari picks Marissa. Mark mentions that he doesn’t want to pick Omarosa because then he might have to renom someone from his alliance and Brandi definitely didn’t want to pick James. After, Ross, Marissa and Ari are talking about how Brandi is the target and they are all hoping that someone wins the Veto and Omarosa is renom’d. Before the commercial break, Julie lets the HGs in on the DE night!

We then get a look at James, Mark, Brandi and Ari sitting outside talking and Brandi reminds Ari that they are on the block. This turns into Brandi telling Mark that she would have put James and Omarosa up, in front of James. This turns into them going back and forth with her calling him cocky, him calling her rude and then him getting up and leaving the conversation. Mark followed him into the bathroom, were Marissa was and she was listening to them talk about what happened. Marissa mentions to James that he shouldn’t have to take it anymore. Brandi hears this and this turns into a fight between them. Marissa goes back to talk to Ross, Ari and James and it’s clear that there is no saving Brandi unless she saves herself.

It is time for the POV comp. They will have to look at action figures of four HGs, but they are made using the eyes, nose and mouth of other HGs. The HGs will have to figure out which eyes, nose and mouth are on each of the four action figures and the person with the shortest time wins. Omarosa is purposely answering incorrectly so that she doesn’t win the POV. When they finish the comp, they join Ross in the HOH room to watch the others. Omarosa gets there and starts working on a F2 deal with Ross.

It’s Ariadna’s turn, Omarosa’s time was 38 minutes and 52 seconds. Ariadna is running through this comp really quickly because she has done the women’s makeup so many times, she knows their faces really well. She finishes in just 9 minutes 10 seconds. James is up next and he doesn’t end up finishing in time. Marissa is up and she also doesn’t finish in time. Mark is up now and he is worried because this time to beat is pretty tough. He didn’t even complete the first action figure before he runs out of time. Brandi is up now and everyone in the HOH is yelling at the TV every time Brandi messes up this first action figure. She doesn’t get through the first action figure either. Ari wins the POV!

Mark now has to figure out who to put up against Brandi to make sure that Brandi is the one that goes home and no one else! It is time to see who the renom is going to be. Mark is talking to James and he mentions wanting to put Marissa up against Brandi so that Brandi actually goes home. The original plan was to put Omarosa up, but she will be voted out over Brandi. It is time for the Veto Ceremony and as expected, Ariadna takes herself off the block and Mark puts Marissa up in her place.

It is time for the first eviction of the night! It is time for the live vote to begin. The votes are:

  • James – Brandi
  • Ariadna – Marissa
  • Ross- Brandi
  • Omarosa – Brandi (it’s official with that vote)

Brandi has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house first tonight.

The remaining HGs now move on to the next HOH. The HGs are in separate rooms of the house and this comp is called BB Auction. They will be answering questions about pieces of art that they studied off the memory wall. After the first question, Ariadna is the only one to answer wrong, everyone else gets a point. After the second question, Ariadna is wrong again, everyone else gets a point. After the third question, Omarosa and Marissa are wrong, there is a tie between James and Ross. After the fourth question, Omarosa is now tied with the guys because she is the only one who got it right. After the fifth question, the tie is brought down to just Omarosa and James.

After the sixth question, the tie stays between Omarosa and James with 5 points, but Marissa and Ross each have four points. After the final question, there is still a tie between Omarosa and James. There is a tie breaker between them and they have to write the answer down, which will be a number and the one closest to the right answer will win. Omarosa wins the HOH.

Omarosa nominates Ross and Marissa are her nominations. It is now time for the POV comp which will have the HGs will be running through the house trying to figure out which painting from around the house doesn’t match it’s replica at the memory wall. If they answer incorrectly, they will be eliminated and the first HG to answer correctly will win POV. The paintings are numbered 1-6 and the HGs will use the number to answer. Ross is the first person to answer and his answer is correct! He wins the POV!

Ross decides to take himself off the block and Omarosa renom’s James. The votes were as follows:

  • Ariadna – James
  • Mark – Marissa
  • Ross – James

James is the second HG to exit the Celebrity Big Brother house. The final five are told that they will be moving on to Finale night. Everyone except for Omarosa will compete in the next HOH, they will then do noms and the final POV and someone will go home early on Sunday night. Then the final four will compete in the final HOH and the winner will immediately evict 2 HGs to make it a F2!

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