Tonight is we will get a look at some Celebrity Big Brother clips like every other season of Big Brother. I’m not sure why, but CBS thinks that we love these shows. Keep reading to find out what kind of clips the producers are Celebrity Big Brother decide to show us right here with my Celebrity Big Brother recap!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap Episode 12 - Clip Show and HOH!

After we get all of the clips from this past season, most of which we have seen already, we will get a look at the HOH comp for this round. I’m sure it will only be about 20 seconds of it at the end of the episode, but I guess that’s better than nothing. Luckily for us, we have an exciting Finale of Celebrit Big Brother coming up tomorrow night to make up for this one.

We start tonight’s episode off with the F5 celebrating that they have made it to the F5. They are then talking about how imperative it is for them to win this next HOH. After some game talk, they turn to the champagne and chit chatting about the season. This first clip is of Ross, Marissa, Mark and Metta talking about jobs they had before they were famous. Marissa talks about how she used to work in the bathroom of a strip club in New York.

We then get a look at Omarosa having a conversation with Brandi where Brandi is accusing her of making a deal with Chuck. We then see a clip of her making a deal with Chuck, but Omarosa is getting defensive with Brandi, calling her names and then leaving the conversation. That seems to be a common thing with Big Brother HGs.

The next clip of Ross and Ariadna who both think the other is perfect for the other, well except for the fact that Ross prefers men over women. It’s actually kind of funny watching them interacting. It’s like Ari is Ross’ Celebrity Big Brother house wife. Back to the house present time, they are talking about how they have all found lifelong friends in this house.

We then get a look at a clip of Omarosa talking to Shannon and accusing Shannon of not telling her and Keshia about the house’s decision to flip the vote round one because of their race. Then kicking Shannon out of the room.

We go back to present time in the house and they are all talking about how the Celebrity Big Brother house has become more and more like home. Ariadna then talks about the DR and their outtakes. Brandi talking about the amount of non-drinking that goes on in the house, Marissa talking about how her husband needs to be reminded about things, James asking for bread trimmers, a lot.

Mark talks about how they kept the food supply up really nice for them and how they were sometimes allowed alcohol. Ross mentions how one of them drank most of it, can we guess who that was? We then get a look at all of Brandi’s drunken outtakes in the house. Slurring her words and calling Keshia “Rudy” a lot. We also get a look at all the times Brandi called people out while she was drunk. Brandi really does get nasty when she is drunk and there were plenty of times where Ross had to put her to bed before she blew up her game or someone else’s.

The HGs are now looking at the pictures on the memory wall and Ross tells them that he is the one that looks the best. Mark mentions how much he misses Metta and we get a montage of Metta clips. Metta is talking to Ross in the shower about the Spice Girls and Ross tells him that he has never been to a Laker game. Metta tells him he will bring him to one. Metta opens up to us about how he used to be homophobic, but he has really learned to be more accepting and has a lot of gay friends now.

We then get a set of clips of Mark being a neat freak. Always doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry. He tells us in a DR session that he did the college thing and this house is disgusting. After that, we get a look at Marissa who is always talking and laughing really loudly. You can hear her from the other side of the house. We get a count on how many times she says the word “Like” in these clips. After a few of these clips, Ross tells us how she never completes a sentence and we get more clips of her saying “like” and not completing a single sentence.

We then get a look at a bunch of clips of Brandi being rude to James, starting Day 1 where she was talking to Mark and James about singing, but kept shutting him down and asking Mark the same questions like James doesn’t sing. Back to present time, Mark asks Omarosa which house is crazier, the Celebrity Big Brother house or the White House. She tells us the White House and then we get into a bunch of clips of Omarosa talking about her time in the White House.

We now end the episode off with the HOH competition. The F5 head out to the yard for the HOH comp which has them balancing on skis that move. The HG that hangs on longest wins. We get a look at the comp for just about a minute before the episode ends.

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