Tonight we will watch the aftermath of Friday’s live eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 and then we will see how the HOH comp plays out. If you can’t wait to see who wins the HOH, you can get the information here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap Episode 4 - Head of Household!

If you have been keeping up with the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 live feeds, you know that Omarosa ended up in the hospital at some point during or after this comp. We will get more details of what happened that night tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2018. If you are behind on the live feeds, check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

We start tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother off with Chuck walking out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. I have to say, Metta’s DR session was pretty funny. He is hugging the back of the chair and telling us how the house has gone crazy and everyone is back stabbing everyone. Meanwhile, he looks like he has lost his mind himself.

Omarosa flips out on Marissa like it was her idea to flip the vote. Meanwhile, we see Ross, Shannon and Marissa making a F4 deal with James. We then see as they all go to talk to Omarosa to explain to her why they flipped the vote, but Omarosa wants to have a discussion with Shannon alone. Shannon is trying to talk to Omarosa, but she makes Shannon feel bad about going against her because they had an alliance day one. Shannon then goes to tell her F4 that she had a deal with Omarosa and that’s why she is so made at Shannon. Ross, Marissa and Brandi tell her they are all good, but Ross is made as hell she lied to them.

Meanwhile, Omarosa goes to Keshia and Metta to tell them she thinks that her and Keshia are going to be put up if they don’t win HOH. We also find out that Metta didn’t mean to vote Chuck out, he thought he was voting for Chuck to stay because he didn’t let Julie give him instructions before he blurted out his vote.

It is time for the HOH competition! It’s Bowlerina! They are all wearing tutus and it’s pretty entertaining. They will be doing this in a head-to-head fashion. They have to spin 12 times to unlock their gate and then knock down their pins. Before the comp starts, Shannon and the rest of the group are talking about challenging Omarosa until she is out and Omarosa hears this.

Omarosa was drawn first so she gets to pick who she wants to go up against. She picks to go up against Marissa and Marissa beats her. Omarosa is having a hard time breathing after the first round and goes into the house and calls for a medic. She is having an asthma attack. They continue with the game and Ross picks Metta to go up against because he is a wild card. Ross beats Metta this round.

With Omarosa and Metta out, Keshia is not feeling very safe. Mark is up next and he picks Brandi to go up against and Mark wins. James is up next and picks Ariadna and James wins. Shannon is up next and chooses Mark and Mark wins again. Marissa is up now and chooses James to go up against, James wins. Ross is up now and he picks Mark to go up against and Ross beats Mark. It is down to James and Ross and Shannon talks James into throwing it to Ross and tells him that the rest of the alliance will trust him more if he does. James decides to go with it and Ross isn’t winning very quickly which is making it very obvious. In the end, Ross wins HOH.

After the HOH comp, the HGs go inside and no sign of Omarosa. Ross is talking to Shannon and Ari about who he wants to nominate. He wants to nominate Omarosa and Keshia, but the question remains, where is Omarosa and is she coming back? No one seems to think that she is coming back.

The next day, Ross is talking to Marissa and he is telling her that if Omarosa doesn’t come back, they need to have a conversation about plan B. Plan B is to put Shannon up in her place because she lied to them about her deal with Omarosa from day one. Ross then gets called to the DR and comes out with a card. The card tells the HGs that Omarosa was brought to the hospital and being treated for an asthma attack. She will return to the house before the nomination ceremony.

A little later on, Omarosa sneaks back into the house and goes right into the bedroom and lays down. Ari walks into the room and finds her there and goes to tell the rest of the house that Omarosa is back. Everyone is happy that she is okay. Ross wants to nominate her still, but feels bad about it because she just got back from the hospital. It is now time for the nomination ceremony. Ross chooses Omarosa and Keshia for his nominations and goes to tell them why, but Omarosa tells him to save it. He tells her that it’s not personal, it’s Big Brother.

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