Tonight we will find out which of the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 HGs won the Power of Veto comp. Usually we have this information going into a POV comp, but this time we don’t. That’s ok, just keep refreshing this page and we will find out who won the POV on Celebrity Big Brother together!

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After the POV comp is over we will find out if either of the nominations will be taken off the and if that will open the door for a backdoor. There has been a lot of back and forth on whether or not they should just keep noms the same and target either Keisha or Omarosa, or if they should take one of them down and replace her with Shannon. If you missed any of the back and forth on the feeds, check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

Tonight we started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother off with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony and Ross is talking to Omarosa and seems to have a new outlook on life since being hospitalized. She doesn’t seem made about being nominated. Ari and Brandi are talking about how backdooring Shannon or James is the best move for everyone’s game. They then go and bring it up to Ross and he tells us in his DR session that he has already thought of that because he knows if he doesn’t, she will send him out to talk to Julie next week. He tells them that he has to bring it up to Marissa. Marissa, who knows Shannon from outside the house, tells us that she actually wants to do this!

We then move onto a conversation between Ross and James about Omarosa and her background in the White House and we then get clips of her bad mouthing President Donald Trump, but does she really feel like this or is she playing a game with the HGs? After this, we get a look at Ross trying to get some more HGs in on backdooring Shannon and he is down with this idea because she is a strong player and he won’t have the blood on his hands from this huge move.

Meanwhile, Metta is outside talking to the cameras and asks them if they can hear him and ask them to nod if they do, the camera moves up and down. He then grabs two inflatable flamingos and asks the camera if they want to see a fight between them and they nod the camera again. He then proceeds to make the balloon flamingos fight. He is a mess.

It is now time to find out which HGs will be joining Ross, Omarosa and Keshia in the POV comp. They are Ariadna, Marissa and Shannon in the POV Comp. They are playing a knockout style game involving questions about a billboard. Ross and Keshia are first up and in this round Keshia eliminates Ross. The next two to go are Shannon and Omarosa and in this round Shannon answers wrong and eliminates herself. Ari and Marissa are next to go and Ari is eliminated after Marissa answers correctly. Omarosa and Keshia then go up and Keshia is eliminated after answering wrong. The final round is between Omarosa and Marissa and Marissa answers the last question correctly and won the POV!

After the POV, Keshia is crying to the group and it seems like she might be asking for them to keep her up and let her go home. She was asking for that this morning. After the commercial break we find out that they are keeping the nominations the same. It is time for the live vote and eviction! Keshia pleas with the group to send her home because her breast milk has been depleting since getting to the house and she needs to go home in order to make sure that she can continue to feed her baby at home. She also managed to call Shannon out to James. With that being said, this is how the votes went.

  • Shannon – Keshia
  • Ariadna – Keshia
  • Brandi – Keshia
  • James – Keshia (That is enough votes for her to leave)
  • Mark – Keshia
  • Marissa – Keshia
  • Metta – Keshia

The HGs honored Keshia’s wishes and she will be going home tonight. Make sure you come back later tonight for the results of the next Head Of Household!

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