If you haven’t been reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, then tonight you will find out who is currently in the HOH position. For everyone else, we will get to see how the competition played out on Celebrity Big Brother 2018. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap Episode 6 - Head of Household and Noms!

After we find out who was put into power, we will find out which two HGs they are going to put up for eviction this week and who their target is. You are not going to want to miss a second of this so make sure you keep refreshing this page for all the details! If you can wait for the results, you can find out who won HOH here and who their noms are here

We start tonight’s episode off with the events that lead up to Keshia’s tearful pleas to the other HGs through out the day before her eviction. Brandi and Ariadna are talking an hour and a half before eviction about how Keshia made the choice to be there and then she goes voices her feelings to Keshia as well. She tells Keshia that them not getting Shannon out this week is going to ruin her game in the long run and that’s Keshia’s fault.

We then fast forward to right after the eviction where Keshia called Shannon out in front of the rest of the house. Brandi and Ross are talking and Brandi is still really upset about them sending Keshia home, but Ross reminds her that they still have the HOH comp. Ross is talking about how if someone in his alliance wins HOH then Shannon and James have to go up and one of them will go home, but they can’t find out until they are nominated and they can’t find out who the target is until Shannon is walking out the door.

It is time for the HOH comp! It is a golf challenge and they have to putt a ball into the whole from three different locations in the fastest time in order to win. There is a huge fan behind them making it really difficult to do this. Brandi goes first and she completes the challenge in five minutes and 56 seconds. Shannon is up next and she gets them all in just three minutes and four seconds. That’s going to be a hard time to beat.

Omarosa is up next and she doesn’t beat Shannon’s time and gets eliminated before finishing. Marissa is up next and she is eliminated. Ariadna is up now and she gets hers in two minutes and 18 seconds which puts her in the lead and everyone is excited. Metta is up now and he is eliminated before he finishes. It is Mark’s turn and he throws the comp in a pretty pathetic way. James is up now and he is eliminated before he finishes as well. He does come really close a couple times to beating her and his final ball goes in right after the buzzer goes off. Ariadna is the new HOH! Shannon is excited, because she thinks she is safe.

They go inside and Ariadna, Brandi and Omarosa are celebrating Ariadna’s win. They are then talking about targets. Meanwhile, James and Shannon are talking about who a good pawn is to go up. Ross thinks that they should nominated Omarosa and Metta and try and BD Shannon or if Ariadna should just put them both up and shake things up a but in the house.

Metta is camtalking and telling us that it’s time to divide and conquer the house. He might not seem completely stable, but I think that Metta has something in the works and that he is going to make it surprisingly far in this game. Ross asks Omarosa what the White House is like and that turns into them talking about the First Lady and the President. She tells the HGs that the First Lady is amazing and a very smart woman and then they talk about how Omarosa used to slip and call the President “Donald” for the first month he was in office.

Back to game play talk, they are in the HOH room and they are talking about the nominations and targets this week. Shannon is the target this week. Ariadna has made up her mind about her noms, but Ariadna is worried about Shannon bombarding her so the have enlisted Metta to act as a bodyguard sorta speak. If he is in the room, Shannon can’t talk about Metta and Omarosa going up. This is because Ariadna’s plan is to put Shannon and James up.

Shannon is a little suspicious of everything and when Omarosa is in the kitchen cooking and joking with the group, Shannon knows that she is going up. Shannon retreats to her room and James goes in to try and snap her out of her “I can’t do this” attitude. She is crying to him about being attacked and not having any friends in the house. James tells us that he thinks she is crazy for this because there is still plenty of game to be played.

There is some drama in the house right before the nominations, but when it’s time, Ariadna names James who jokes about how nice his photo is and Shannon who is infuriated. Ariadna tells them that it’s nothing personal, but they are the strongest competitors in the house.

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