Tonight we will watch as some of the remaining HGs in the Celebrity Big Brother compete in the Power of Veto competition. This will give Shannon and James a chance to take themselves off the block and save themselves from eviction. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap: Episode 7 - Power of Veto and Live Eviction!

After we watch the POV play out we will then watch as another HG is evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. If you can’t wait until the show to find out who the winner of the POV is, you can get the results right here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! Make sure you stick around for my full recap of Celebrity Big Brother right here!

We started tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. James is telling Ariadna that he is worried that he is going to end up being evicted if he can’t pull off a POV win. Brandi goes in to talk to Shannon and she explains to her why she is the target. Brandi tells her that she is a super fan and knows the game the best out of all the other HGs. She is ticked because she was lied to by her alliance. When Omarosa comes into the room, Shannon tries to get her out of the room, but Omarosa isn’t letting her dismiss her like that.

After a little drama between Omarosa and Shannon and Marissa and Ross watch James shower, it is time for them to pick Veto Players! Ari picks Ross, Shannon picks Omarosa and James picks Brandi. Before the POV comp, we get a look at Metta who is camtalking with Orwell in his hands. He is cuddling with him in the lounge and it’s pretty entertaining. He is telling us that Orwell makes him feel better about being away from his family. He literally takes Orwell everywhere, even the bathroom. He is having a showmance with Orwell.

We then get a look at Shannon and Omarosa and Shannon asks to talk to her. First, Omarosa wants to give her a hug and after hugging it out, Shannon apologizes to her. Omarosa tells Shannon that Marissa and the rest of the alliance wanted to backdoor Shannon. Omarosa then tells us that she had this conversation with her to cover her own ass in case Shannon does end up coming after her. Omarosa then tells James that the target is changing and he is the one everyone wants to send home. Marissa, Mark and Ross all deny it. Ross and Marissa go to Ari to tell her that and Ari is pissed. They are going to consider this if there needs to be a renom.

Later, Marissa, Brandi and Ari are talking about it when Omarosa walks into the room and Marissa asks her if she told James that he was the target or not. Omarosa denies it, but when Marissa goes to get James, Omarosa has to come up with something quick. While James is in the bedroom with the others and Omarosa is yelling at James saying that he is twisting her words, Shannon is outside the room eavesdropping. James gets annoyed with Omarosa lying and leaves the room. Ross tells her that he believes her, but Brandi tells her and us that she doesn’t believe her at all. She tells us that James is a horrible liar and he is clearly telling the truth.

They then think about whether or not getting rid of Shannon is the best game move. Brandi then tells everyone that she wonders if they can get James to work with them next round. Shannon hears Brandi call James upstairs and she knows that her fate is sealed at this point. Shannon then goes to Metta and tells him what’s going on and tells him that she thinks he is making a deal with them.

We then get a look at the conversation between James, Brandi, Ari, Ross and Marissa. They make it clear that James is not the target and they agree to keep him safe until F5. He isn’t thrilled about the deal, but he’s going to take it.

Julie has some news for the HGs! They are getting video messages from their loved ones. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

We are getting into more talks about Omarosa’s time in the White House and then it’s time for the Veto Competition! It’s an individual challenge where they are going out to the yard to do Dining in the Dark. This is going to be good. They have to work their way through a four course meal and whoever does this fastest will win the POV.

Ross is first to go. The first course is split pea soup and inside the room are big yoga balls and a chair. On the table, there is a big bowl of pea soup that ends up in Ross’ face. The second course is cheese and he then he steps in honey to get to the next course. Pasta is the next course and he walks through spaghetti and then through a pool of sauce. Chocolate lava cake is the final course and he is searching for the pull cord for the light and when he finds it, the lava cake explodes on him.

James goes through it next, Ariadna goes third, Omarosa goes fourth, Brandi goes fifth and Shannon went last. After everyone competes, we find out each of their times were. Ross finished in 9 minutes and 46 seconds, Ari finished in 12 minutes and 2 seconds and Omarosa finished in 19 minutes and 29 seconds. Brandi finished in 21 minutes and 29 seconds, Shannon finished in 8 minutes and 41 seconds and James finished in 6 minutes and 24 seconds which makes him the winner of the POV.

Now, Ari is going to have to put up a renom and it’s between Mark and Omarosa. Ari doesn’t want to poke the bear with Mark and is leaning more towards Omarosa, but Ross tells her that Mark is a better pawn. It is now time for the POV ceremony and as suspected, James took himself off the block. Ari then decides to put Mark up as a renom.

It is now time for the live vote and eviction! The votes are as follows:

  • Ross – Shannon
  • Marissa – Shannon
  • Omarosa – Shannon
  • James – Shannon (that is enough votes)
  • Brandi – Mark
  • Metta – Shannon

That is it, Shannon has been evicted! Stay tuned for my HOH comp results coming up next!

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