Tonight we will see how the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 HOH competition played out on the live feeds after the last live eviction. If you don’t want to wait to find out who won, you can find out who the new HOH is and who they nominated with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap Episode 8 - Endurance HOH Comp!

After we find out who the new HOH is going to be for round 4 of Celebrity Big Brother, we will then see who they will nominate for eviction. This is going to be an interesting round of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 with a special twist on the POV which will play out tomorrow night during a two hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother which will also send another HGs packing. Keep reading to find out who will be in danger this week!

We started tonight’s episode off with the HGs competing in the endurance comp for the next HOH. They are sitting on the edge of a seat which is attached to a leaning wall. They have also been told that the first three HGs that fall will be eating slop for two days. Ariadna is on the sidelines being a cheerleader. She tells us that she is very sad and disappointed that Brandi was the one who voted for Mark and not Shannon. Apparently, Brandi told her on their way out to the yard for the comp.

Metta is sliding off the seat and Omarosa is trying to peptalk him, but that doesn’t work. He falls 32 minutes into the competition. The HGs are getting pelted by popcorn and t-shirts and sprayed with water while sitting on these chairs. Ross falls second at 39 minutes into the competition. Meanwhile, on the sidelines, Ari is telling Ross and Metta about Brandi voting for Mark. Speaking of Mark, poor guy is in a lot of pain. He is sitting on his balls and while he is trying to lean and get off them, he falls an hour and four minutes in. Which means that Metta, Ross and Mark are eating slop.

Marissa is the fourth to fall just minutes after Mark. It is down to Omarosa, Brandi and James. James doesn’t want to put a target on himself by winning this, but because Brandi and Omarosa are still sitting up there with him, he is going to fight it out as long as possible. The HGs are being hit with more t-shirts and basketballs now too. Everyone is having a tough time holding on but Brandi and James are trying to pep-talk each other.

Brandi falls an hour and 28 minutes into the competition. Omarosa is having a hard time with her breathing, so she mentions a deal to James. She tells him that she wants a letter and to see her husband and if he drops, she will keep him safe. Everyone on the sidelines is telling him not to take it, but he decides to take it and he drops at one hour and 31 minutes into the comp. She goes over to give James a hug and tells him he can trust her.

When they get back into the house, they find buckets of slop for Metta, Mark and Ross along with instructions on what they can eat with it. They have to eat it for 48 hours. Omarosa tells us that it is time to start splitting up the pairs. Meanwhile, Ari, Ross and Marissa are chatting about the vote that Brandi threw to Mark and they are convinced she did it for a jury vote. Everyone knows about the vote at this point, but Brandi does tell Metta, Ross, Marissa and Ari. Everyone makes it known that they are disappointed and she apologizes. She tells us she did it to be kind to Shannon, but she went against the group.

The group later revisits the Brandi voting for Mark thing with Brandi and they make it really known that they are not happy. Ross and the group know that they need to keep her around for the numbers. She gets up and walks away and when they go to tell her that they are okay with it, just needed some time to process it, she promises that she will vote with them next time no matter what.

Omarosa asks Ari who the one vote was, Ari tells her it wasn’t her, she was HOH so she didn’t vote. Ari tells her that she doesn’t know and Omarosa asks if she thinks James did it. Ari tells her she doesn’t think it was James and when Brandi comes into the room, Omarosa tells her she is trying to figure out who it was. Brandi tells Omarosa that she was the one who voted for Mark! Big mistake.

It is time for an announcement and Metta decides to go out in nothing but his underwear. Omarosa opens an envelope and it tells them that the game is about to be shaken up again. They are told that America is currently voting on something that has to do with the POV, but they won’t know what until Monday’s POV comp.

Omarosa tells Mark that she wants to talk to him really quick. She tells him that her target is Ross this round and he reminds her that he has had nothing to do with her going up on the block ever. She tells him that she will keep him safe this week if she can get one week out of him. No block, no backdoor and he agrees and they shake on it. She then goes to Metta to make sure that he will vote to evict Ross. Omarosa then goes to talk to James and they talk some game.

Now that Omarosa has secured a deal with James, Mark and Metta, it is time to pick the second nominee to go up against Ross on the block. Omarosa is talking to Marissa and Ari about how the four women can get to the F4 and when the are quick to throw Brandi under the bus, she sees that she has some options.

It is now time for the nomination ceremony and Omarosa names Ross and Brandi. She tells Ross it’s because he nominated her and told her it wasn’t personal, it was the game. She tells him it became personal when he started making deals with everyone. She then tells Brandi that she is up because she voted to keep Shannon and went against her closest ally, Ariadna.

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