Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 we will watch as the live POV plays out and then afterwards, we will see which of the POV Twists won America’s vote! It is going to be an interesting night full of excitement and you are not going to want to miss a second of it! Make sure you are refreshing this page often for all the details of tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother! 

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap Episode 9 - POV Twist and Live Eviction!

After the winner of the live POV and the twist are revealed, we will watch as another Celebrity Big Brother HG is sent packing. Who will it be? We will have to wait to find out! Make sure you stick around for all the details of tonight’s episode right here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. Omarosa winked at Marissa as the nomination ceremony was closing out and everyone is kind of confused by this. Omarosa is planting seeds of doubt with Ross’ alliance. During this, she insinuated that she knew about a F4 deal involving Ross, Brandi, and Marissa, but she didn’t have confirmation of this F4. Until Brandi opened her mouth in front of Omarosa implying that Marissa was probably the one who said something. Marissa is really upset with Brandi for implying she would turn on her alliance.

Ariadna thinks that Mark may have made a deal with Omarosa because the night before, Mark came down from the HOH telling Ari and Marissa that it looked like he was going back on the block this round. When he didn’t end up nominated, Ari pointed out to Marissa that he must have made a deal. Marissa then goes around to tell everyone in her group that Ari pointed this out to her. Ross goes to talk to Mark to see if he lies to him.

The HGs are outside and they are playing a game they made up which allows them to ask questions to the other HGs by pretending someone else asked it. Like on Twitter or something. Brandi asks James if he has a deal with Omarosa and Mark and he plays it cool and claims he has an alliance with everyone in the house. This is going to get dramatic!

The next day, Ross is talking to Mark and James in the kitchen and he is telling them that they can’t trust Omarosa. They are telling him that they don’t trust her and James is kind of made about Brandi being rude to him the night before. Later, we watch as Mark and James have a conversation in the weight room and James thinks that their best bet is to go against Omarosa because she doesn’t have the votes to keep them safe, Ross does. James doesn’t like that they get Marissa in their deal with Ross. They think their best bet is to get rid of Brandi, but James wants to talk to Marissa first.

He sits with James and she lets him know that she doesn’t want to leave Ari behind either. James tells us that he was expecting her to say yes right away, but she doesn’t. He tells her to go ahead and think about it, but uses Orwell to tell her that she should use her brain and not her heart in this situation. He is right.

Now, Julie is telling the HGs which twist will be applied to the Veto tonight. The Veto Twist that won is the VIP Veto which is the Veto the power to use the POV twice if they want to. They will take down on nom, allow for the renom and then take the other down if they want to. This is going to make things really interesting! Veto Players have been picked also, Omarosa, Ross, Brandi, Mark, Metta and Marissa will be playing in the POV.

They are playing Invitation Only where the HGs will race down the red carpet, grab their puzzle pieces and head to the other side of the red carpet to put their puzzle together. The first to finish, wins the VIP Veto. The first HG to finish their puzzle is Ross! He uses it to take himself off the block and Omarosa renoms Metta. Ross decides that he isn’t going to use the Veto a second time leaving Brandi on the block with Metta.

It is now time for the live vote and eviction! The votes are as follows:

  • Ross – Metta
  • James – Metta
  • Mark – Metta (that is enough for eviction)
  • Ariadna – Metta
  • Marissa – Metta

With all the votes in, Metta World Peace will be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house! Stay tuned for the HOH results a little later tonight to find out which of the remaining HGs will be in power this round! Oh, Julie mentioned tonight that there is a DE on Friday!

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