Tonight we will start the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 finale off with the HOH comp for the F5. From there, we will see who that HOH nominates for eviction and then the final HGs will battle for the final POV! We will then watch as the final Celebrity Big Brother POV ceremony takes place and the first live eviction of the night.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Recap Finale - Who Won Celebrity Big Brother

After we find out who the F4 are for Celebrity Big Brother 2018, they will move on to the final HOH and the winner of that will choose one other HG to join them in the F2. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out what happened during tonight’s season finale of Celebrity Big Brother!

We start tonight’s episode off with the F5 HOH comp where the HGs are balancing on skis. The first HG to fall off their skis was Marissa. She smacked her face on the way down too, it looked kind of painful. The second HG to fall off their skis was Ariadna and that leaves Mark and Ross on the skis. Ross is making a deal with Mark telling him that he will keep him safe if he falls from his skis. Ross tells Mark that he wants a letter and he promises he won’t put Mark up. Omarosa is on the sideline trying to break the deal up. Mark decides to fall to allow Ross to have the HOH so he can get a letter from his mom who is currently battling with some health issues.

We then see as the Ross tries to figure out who he is going to put on the block against Omarosa in order to get her out. They are worried that if Omarosa wins the POV, they have to put Marissa up and they will then have to vote Ari out. He tells Ari that he has to put her up because he made a deal with Mark, but he reminds her that she will be protected. She knows that if Omarosa wins the POV, she is done. We find out that Marissa, Mark and Ari all plan on taking Ross to F2 with them. It’s now time for the Nomination ceremony where he puts Omarosa and Ari up, as suspected.

It is now time for the final Veto Comp and they will be playing one at a time. In this comp, they are playing BB Buzz which is the events comp where they have to put the day number with the event headline. They only get one chance to lock in their answers, but the HG with the fastest time will win POV. Marissa goes first, Mark goes second, Ross is third, Ariadna is fourth and Omarosa goes last. Everyone seems to be doing a pretty good job until Omarosa goes and she starts having a hard time breathing and she just puts a tile on each headline as quickly as she could.

The results are in, Marissa got all of them right, Mark got 6, Ross also got all of them right, Ari got 4, Omarosa got 1 right. It comes down to the time for Marissa and Ross. Marissa did it in 12 minutes 31 seconds and Ross did it in 5 minutes and 42 seconds. Ross won the final POV! It is time for the POV Ceremony, Ross gives Ari and Omarosa their chance to persuade him to use the POV. Ross decides that he is not going to use the POV and keeps his nominations the same. Ariadna and Omarosa remain on the block. It is time for the live vote and eviction!

  • Marissa – Omarosa
  • Mark – Omarosa

Omarosa will be the first of three HGs evicted tonight on Celebrity Big Brother.

We are now watching as the final HOH comp begins. It is called Hash It Out and it is a social media comp where they have to guess the former HG that tweeted an incorrect statement in their battle with another HG. The first question gives only Marissa a point, the second gives everyone a point, Marissa is in the lead by a point. The third question gives everyone a point and Marissa remains in the lead. The fourth question gives everyone a point and Marissa remains in the lead.

The fifth question gives everyone a point and Marissa remains in the lead. The final question gives Ross and Mark a point which makes it a three way tie between Ross, Mark and Marissa. They grab their chalkboards for the tie breaker and they have to guess the number of seconds the Rocky Mountain Climb comp lasted. The HG that made it closest to the correct number is Marissa and she won the final HOH which means she will have to evict two HGs immediately.

Each HG is allowed a moment to convince Marissa why they are the best F2 partner. Marissa decides to bring Ross with her to the F2! After Ari and Mark’s exit interviews with Julie, we move on to the Jury Q&A with the F2. Each evicted HG now comes out and they find out who the final three jurors are. Everyone seemed more surprised that Marissa won the final HOH than anything. Each of the F2 answered questions from four different jurors and after, they have a chance to give one more compelling argument on why they deserve to win Celebrity Big Brother. 

It is time for the Jurors to vote:

  1. Mark – Ross
  2. Ariadna – Marissa
  3. Omarosa – Marissa
  4. James – Marissa
  5. Brandi – Ross
  6. Metta – Ross
  7. Shannon – Marissa
  8. Keshia – Marissa (This vote made it official, Marissa won CBB!)
  9. Chuck – Marissa

With that, the winner of Celebrity Big Brother is Marissa J Winokur! They then announced the winner of America’s Favorite Player and that prize went to Ross!

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