Tonight we kick off a three-week season of Celebrity Big Brother 3! Tonight, the 11 celebrities will move into the Celebrity Big Brother house and almost immediately be thrown into their first competition. The Head of Household Competition will likely play out tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2022 so make sure you refresh this page frequently for all your Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

Just a few things before we get started with tonight’s episode! First, welcome back to Big Big Brother! I truly appreciate your support each and every season! Second, live feeds will begin after the episode airs on the east coast (9 PM EST) tonight! I will have live feed recaps each morning and spoilers for you as soon as they become available to me. Finally, as you know, this is a short season of Celebrity Big Brother. There will be 15 episodes, over three weeks with two evictions a week. From what I understand, it looks like there will be an eviction on Friday and Monday each week. I look forward to spending this season with you all! Now, let’s get this party started, shall we?

We started tonight’s episode off with Julie Chen-Moonves telling us that when the houseguests moved into the house, they moved in one at a time. Carson Kressley was the first one to move in. Shortly after he moves in, Cynthia Bailey moves in and Carson couldn’t be happier about having someone in the house that he knows. The third one to enter the house is Chris Kirkpatrick and Cynthia has no idea who he is but says that he looks familiar. Chris tells us that he and his wife watch a lot of Big Brother together.

The fourth person to move in is Shanna Moakler. Todd Bridges is the next person to move in and everyone knows who he is. Cynthia tells us that she had a crush on him growing up. Mirai Nagasu is the sixth person to move into the house. So far, Chris isn’t letting anyone in on the fact that he is a superfan of the show. Chris Kattan is the next person to move in and who doesn’t know Chris Kattan from SNL?

The final four houseguests to move in are Todrick Hall, he fills us in that he is a superfan of the show also. Miesha Tate who Chris can’t wait to talk to because he is a huge MMA fan. Teddi Mellencamp is the next one in and of course, Cynthia knows her because she is a former Real Housewife. The final person to move into the house is Lamar Odom. Shanna tells us that her heart sunk a bit when he moved into the house because she might have called his fiance a donkey on national television.

Now that all the houseguests are moved in, they are all celebrating with some champagne. After a little bit of lounging, Julie comes on the screen in the living room and tells the HGs that one of them will be crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother and win $250,000. She tells them that like other celebrity seasons, this season will be played in superdrive. She breaks down how the game will play out and tells them that two of them will be evicted each week.

It’s time for the first Head of Household Competition! Julie asks for a Master of Ceremonies volunteer, but the catch is, they will not be able to compete and they will not be guaranteed safety this week. Todd volunteers to sit out. In this competition, the HGs are hanging from stirrups. The last person standing will win the first HOH.

Here is the order everyone fell:

  1. Chris Kattan
  2. Cynthia
  3. Shanna
  4. Lamar
  5. Chris Kirkpatrick
  6. Carson
  7. Mirai
  8. Todrick (made a deal with Miesha if she wins)
  9. Teddi

That means that Meisha has won the first Head of Household Competition! When we got down to Todrick, Miesha, and Teddi, Todrick tries to make a deal with Miesha, and she accepts it. Teddi tried to do the same, but Miesha didn’t take it from her. Teddi didn’t care though, she was going to drop anyway.

Julie fills us in about a game-changing power that is about to be released on the house! She tells the HGs that she can’t tell anyone what it is yet, but it’s inside the gala gift box where Todd was sitting during the competition. She tells them that what’s inside the box is going to be a blessing to one, but a curse to someone else.

Tomorrow night we will find out what’s inside the box and what the secret power is. We will also find out who will be nominated! Friday will be a two-hour episode where the POV Comp will play out, the POV Ceremony will take place and one HG will be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house!

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