What a round of Celebrity Big Brother 3! We had an alliance flip on one of their own, another alliance formed, and the original target was kept inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. If you missed any of the action on Celebrity Big Brother, make sure you check out our recap of tonight’s episode and my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up. Otherwise, keep reading to find out which houseguest was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight!

This week Carson was the Head of Household and since Miesha has been targeting him from the beginning, she was the original target. However, Todrick and Miesha were able to convince Cynthia and then Carson that Shanna has been working against them since the beginning and she was untrustworthy. This caused Carson to change his plan slightly.

He still put Miesha and Todd on the block to lessen Shanna’s chances of playing in the Veto and when she wasn’t picked to play, we all knew where this night was going to go. Todrick ended up winning the Power of Veto Competition and used it on Todd ( it was all for show). Carson then replaced Todd with Shanna and here were how the votes landed at the live vote and eviction:

  • Todd – Shanna
  • Cynthia – Shanna
  • Lamar – Shanna
  • Todrick – Shanna

With four votes, Shanna has been evicted Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. Be on the lookout for my Head of Household spoilers coming up later tonight!

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