Well, it’s a done deal. The Final POV comp has been played in Big Brother 2010!

UPDATE: Well, absolutely nothing of note happened yesterday or last night in the house. Brit seems resigned to her fate. They all talked about how cool it is going to be to be celebrities. (okay?) and get paid to go to bars. (ick) The HG’s- and Brit in particular bashed on all the other HG’s. Interesting note- Brit bashed Ragan for trashing the other HG’s..and about how nasty he talked all the time. Yeah, Brit, cause you didn’t spend an hour yesterday morning in the backyard talking to yourself about Rachel’s va-jay-jay….. Nothing much to say, here are a couple of pics- if anything happens, I’ll let you guys know…

UPDATE: After the Brigade revealed itself to Britney-she had a breakdown. She spent hours in the DR, reappearing only to take the covers from her bed to go sleep alone in the Taj bedroom. She did not want to speak to the others. I can understand her feelings, but do any of you remember waaaaaaaaay back in July, when I mentioned a little concept called Karma?? Hmmmmm…

The boys feel bad, but felt they “owed it to her to tell her.” The best quote of the night Enzo to Hayden about Britney saying she left everything and lost everything.. “Yo, you lost everything? You are twenty-two years old and you won a ten thousand dollar game of hide and seek. Get the F out of here.”

Your final POV winner is….

Hayden won the final POV- and turned to the camera and said: “Brigade Final Three”

The guys decided to come clean to Britney about the Brigade and Enzo and Lane told her all about it.

At first, Brit seems to be taking it very well, and is not very surprised. The two boys told her all the moving and shaking the Brigade has done in the house since day one…She asked why they turned on Matt and they told her it was because of his turning to Ragan too much.

Hayden was a little ticked that the other two didn’t wait for him to get out of the DR – and was not involved in the big reveal. They talked about what they did to whom, who the saboteur might have been…He said he knows that he has to keep winning because neither Lane nor Enzo would take him to the end.

But Hayden also just told Britney that he was glad she won the 10 G’s. She said, so that means I am definitely going home? Hayden said-I am not going to say that, but I will say that I am not going to use the POV. Dead silence..

They told her they respected her game enough to tell her the truth. After Hayden told her, that basically her game was over….. With Enzo being the only vote… She broke down and left the room, crying she “did this for nothing. I left my fiancee, and my family for nothing!”

STAY TUNED for more on the big reveal… ¬†going on on the LIVE FEEDS..

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