Okay.. Well, whoopdeedoo. The second part of the HOH is done in Big Brother 2010 and we might as well hand Hayden the prize and get it over with.
Now, I am glad Hayden is going to win. He is a genuinely nice person, and he’s won enough comps, to all but guarantee the big prize. He and Lane have agreed to take each other to F2- but I wonder if Lane will stick to that if he wins the final HOH?

If Hayden wins the final HOH- he will definitely take Lane. He knows he will beat Lane. He will beat Enzo, too, but it is more certain against Lane, who didn’t have a social game. But if Lane happens to win the last comp, he has no defense against Hayden, except to inform the jury that Hayden took the Hawaii trip and the 5 G’s. Lane has a little better shot against Enzo, since he can remind them that Enzo only won one comp the whole game. It will be interesting to see his strategy.
Enzo’s game is over and he knows it. He was sulky last night. The meow-meow is going bye bye.

But who really cares…
Watching the jury house vs. the BB house is like watching a 52-inch color plasma TV vs. watching a 13-inch black and white screen. The JH pops, the BB House flops.

Professor Pompous came out with flying colors last night. The look on Ragan’s face, when his super-hero Matt came clean about the sick wife lie was great TV!

And the confrontation between Ragan and Rachel was sublime. Why oh WHY won’t you show us more, more, MORE jury, BB?
I think Rachel genuinely tried to have a “conversation” with Ragan. To ask if he now understood how she felt when she tried to apologize to him, and he rejected her. How she felt when everyone was against her…Of course, he went into full-blown “Professor” mode on her, and the sparks flew! YAY! Awesome..

I had really hoped that Ragan’s “confession” was going to be his reveal that he was, in fact, the Saboteur! But no.. he confessed to being… A Professor… (yawn).

After watching the JH, it’s difficult to go back to watching the ho-hum BB House…..We have Enzo pouting,

Hayden doing nothing…

and Lane having yet another of his “special” showers.

Give us more Jury House!!

And don’t forget, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for America’s Choice!!

You know who my choice is….

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