Hi guys! Well, I tried to come up with something from Big Brother 2010 that would be interesting for us.

Since there is pretty much NOTHING going on in the house, except this….

I thought I would relive some of the funniest or most interesting moments…

A Saboteur is in the House

Sabotage! #1


Annie-- Why couldn't you have stayed??

In a comparison of the two Sabo’s, there is no contest. Annie did risky, physical acts, whereas Ragan took zero risks. The one and only thing he did was put a pre-written note under Enzo’s pillow.. ooooooh!

Then, we have the love that blossomed…

who are they kidding?

And then there was perhaps the funniest Have Not comp, EVER!

There were some ugly moments in the house…

And some heroic ones..

None of these worked however, and we are left with three, who were lucky (or savvy?) enough to just wait the others out.

So.. for all of us who say this season sucked. I say.. We had some fun, we had some good time..  And hey.. Next year is bound to be better right?  Especially since the rumor is……

ALL STARS coming up!!  (Fingers crossed)

What was your favorite moment from this season?

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