Okay, I guess Big Brother 2010 made my decision for me last night.

UPDATE: The HG’s competed in a luxury competition today. It went like this:

Each HG was given a large coin with their name on it, and 90 seconds to hide it.

Then, they all got to search for each other’s coins. The person who hid their coin best-the last coin to be found-won $10,000 dollars!

They tore the house to smithereens. Hayden was out quickly. The next coin was Enzo’s, found by Britney

Who, after a final time of three hours… Also found Lane’s to win the money..

According to the boys, when Britney was searching the Recycle bin, where Lane’s was hidden, BB “accidently” flipped their mics on- and you could hear them say “Up..Up..”  Brit lifted the plastic insert in the bin, and voila!

I swore I would let fate decide and now that Hayden has won three HOH’s, it makes him both a physical and social competitor in the game.

Hayden got his HOH room-The requisite sweet letter from his Dad, and a stack of T-shirt, which he’d hoped would be “Brigade T-shirts”. He was disappointed in that, however.

Enzo and Lane had a “conversation” about Britney. Enzo said “It’s Britney, right? No matter what, we get her out, man.”

Lane laughed. Enzo said: “You’re scaring the sh*t out of me with that girl, man.”

Hayden and Enzo are worried that if Lane wins POV, he will use it on Britney, which would force Hayden to nominate Enzo, and would give Britney the sole vote. Same thing… If Brit wins, and takes Lane off… so…

STAY TUNED TODAY for nomination results!!

Or sign up for the LIVE FEEDS-The final three comp-with endurance coming up!!

Now.. for the REALLY interesting parts of the show..

Matt’s explosive reveal that he lied about his wife’s illness. I think that people universally thought that was an unnecessary, and extremely exploitive lie. To me, the worst part of all of that whole segment, was when Rachel asked Matt if he regretted it, and he responded, “Well, I regret that it didn’t pay out.” The look of horror on the other’s faces, I think, said it all.

Interesting how Julie kept emphasizing to Ragan, how he thought Matt was such a great person.. RIGHT after this segment.

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