UPDATE: 3:07 BBT POV comp still going on- will update when results in.
Trivia on feeds. POV going on. Stay tuned for POV results!

Today is the most important POV yet in the Big Brother 2010 House.

Brit nominatedBrendan and Enzo yesterday, with Enzo as the pawn. The plan was, of course, to get rid of Brendan, despite Brit’s promise not to nominate him. (Told ya).

Lane lets Brit in on new plan

So, it looked to be a universal house decision. Ho-hum, Brendan out, and, on to the double eviction. But wait… Remember.. This is Big Brother. On the Superpass Live Feeds (sign up here- only $14.95), last night, a weird vibe started floating through the house. It drifted from one person to the next until it was finally voiced by Hayden.

All of a sudden, the other brigade members, started feeling a bit uncomfortable about their Matty.. And Rightly so.. Matt is playing the game better than anyone at this point. Yes, he has had a lot of luck. The Diamond Power of Veto, for instance. Now, that is gone, but Matt still has “alliances” on both sides of the house. A fact that is just now occurring to the other members of the Brigade. “He’s sitting pretty” said Enzo, “We won’t put him up and they won’t put him up.” They are contemplating the fact that maybe it would be better to save Brendan, who has no one, vs Matt, who has ties on both sides of the house.

Suddenly, Matt is making them all nervous, and so they have implemented a new plan. “Operation Backdoor Matty”.

POV pics were done last night, with only Ragan sitting out, as host. That means, if this plan really gets put into action, that Matt will be playing for the POV against all the others. He, of course has no idea this is going on.

You know, I like Matt just fine, he is not part of what I consider the “Cruel Crew” and the only thing I don’t like is the lie about his wife. If he begins using that excessively, I will be thoroughly disgusted, but for now, gotta admit, he is playing hard.

What will happen today with the POV comp?? Sign up here, for the last few weeks of the LIVE FEEDS at a super discount and FREE TRIAL!! And STAY TUNED as we update with the POV winner!

One thing I thought was just hilarious- Last night, Ragan and Britney were discussing what they miss the most. Ragan said that he missed going out to the clubs, but that he was sad that he would lose his anonymity. That now that he would be famous, he would not be able to enjoy himself. Britney told him that was the price they had to pay as celebrities. Ok… Really??

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