UPDATE: Big Brother 2010—These two just won’t give up on the Brenchel bashing. I have never seen anyone so obsessed in my life. Check this out from Jokers.

Brit: What if Rachel announces on the finale that she’s pregnant?
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Ragan: I’m not even a big advocate of abortion, but I’d offer to abort that baby myself.

Brit: I’ll bet if Rachel doesn’t win prom queen of Vegas, she will kill herself.

Ragan: I’ll bet Vegas hates her. And who brags that they are from Vegas?

Even the other HG’s are sick of it..

Lane goes outside, Enzo follows. They both agree that they are sick about hearing them talk about Rachel all the time
08/31/10 11:52 PM

Lane and Enzo in the BY. Enzo saying it’s enough, yo!
08/31/10 11:52 PM

Lane: I’m done talking about Rachel. I get it. I’ve heard the impressions.

Also the HG’s got some toys last night. Foam paddle ball and moon sand. Awwww..

Ragan threw a hail Mary pass on Big Brother 2010 last night.

And it might just have been caught in the endzone…..

Ragan, after rehearsing his speech on why Lane should keep him in a tie vote, and practicing it on Britney. Laid it out for Lane. He explained that according to his calculations, if Lane keeps and goes to F2 with Hayden or Enzo, he would not win, and that it made more sense to take Hayden out now.

The weird thing is, that it might just have worked!  Lane finally confessed to Britney that Hayden took the $5,000 AND the Hawaiian Vacation.  Hayden and Enzo are determined to get rid of Britney, because they are suspicious as to where Lane’s loyalties truly lie.

Britney is sticking with her “Take me to F2- cause no one will vote for me– I am playing for second place.”

Sure….  As a “Student” of the game, she knows very well that is not true. But she is doing her level best to convince the boys otherwise. Anyone who knows the game knows that at the end of the day, most of the Jury will vote for the best competitor.

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Stay Tuned for UPDATES and Let me know if you think

A) Ragan’s strategy will work.

B) Anyone is buying what Britney is  trying to sell.

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