UPDATE- Matt finally had his time with Brit in the HOH room, after she and Brendan were released from the handcuffs. He told her he was freaking out, because of the situation with his WIFE..  Man- people are going to feel SO stupid when they find out the truth, especially Ragan, who waxes on and on about Matt’s “integrity”.

She just told him that is sucked, that she hated it, either way, she has to put up a friend. I am sure that now Matt is pretty sure he is going up. Strategically, she will tick off Lane and Enzo if she puts up Hayden. If she puts up Matt, she will only tick off Ragan.

Now, Professor Pouty Pants is up with her, and is going into full-blown lecture mode..  A lot of therefores and thereby’s. Please..

Whew! What a wild and crazy day in the Big Brother 2010 House.

After a brutal POV yesterday, things have once again flipped around in the house. Sign up HERE for the best deal of the season on the LIVE FEEDS!

With Brendan a lock to go home, he fought hard for the POV- accepting several punishments to stay in the house, while other HG’s took prizes instead of fighting.

Last last night, Hayden finally admitted to Enzo and Lane that he took both the $5,000 and the Hawaii vacation. that could come back to bite him in the butt later on.

Bren and Brit were handcuffed together for 24 hrs, and Brendan began his 24 dunks in the “Chum bucket”.

Both were really good sports about the whole thing, with Brit helping Bren with his towel, shower and microphone.

Note the words- “Good Sports”?  Remember back when the high and mighty Ragan called out Rachel for being a bad sport?  Interesting, huh? Especially since Professor Pouty Pants spent all night in his bed not speaking to anyone, and pouting about the POV results.

Matt finally feels the vibe that things are not quite as safe for him as he thought.

Today the pressure will be on Brit, as she is bombarded with the decision on whom to put up, when Brendan takes himself off the block tomorrow. She seems to be onboard with putting up Matt, but sign up for the LIVE FEEDS, and STAY TUNED for more the Slime Monster and Prof. Pouty Pants show!

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