Tonight on Survivor, we will watch as the remaining castaways compete in a reward challenge and immunity challenge. After starting the season with no food, the Survivor 41 castaways will have a shot at winning a nice warm meal. Also, as you can see in the picture above, tonight’s immunity challenge on Survivor 2021 is a classic challenge that will put their focus and balance to the test. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor 41 right here!

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We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with the castaways talking about the double elimination. We then get a look at Erika talking to Deshawn and she suggests that they try and flush out one of the idols next. She tells Deshawn that she would prefer that it’s Shan, but Deshawn has a really good connection with Shan. He talks to Shan the next day and after talking to her, he feels that Shan, Danny, and Liana have his back.

It is time for tonight’s reward challenge. They will be attached to a rope that is woven through a series of obstacles. When they get completely unwoven, they will have to solve a puzzle. The winner will get a trip to Survivor sanctuary where they will get pizza under the stars and then they will get blankets and pillows so they can get a good night’s rest in the shelter there. They will return to camp the following morning.

All the castaways get through the course and get to work on their puzzles. Deshawn and Ricard take an early lead putting the puzzle together. Deshawn had a lead for a while, but Ricard was able to take the lead and hold onto it. Ricard wins this week’s reward and is able to pick three people to go with him. He chooses Shan and Heather since neither of them has had any rewards yet this season. He also chooses Xander to go with him because Xander sat out for one of the immunity challenges in order to get them all rice to eat back at camp.

Danny, Erika, Liana, and Deshawn are back at camp. Danny decides that he is going to go fishing and has Deshawn go with him. Danny tells Deshawn that he thinks they need to get rid of Ricard, but Deshawn says that they need to bring Liana in to talk. Deshawn and Danny tell Liana that Ricard is gaining a lot of ground in this game with all of his challenge wins. Liana tells them that she is open to voting out Ricard, however, she tells us that she is closest to Shan and Ricard is her number one. She doesn’t want anyone to dictate her game, but she doesn’t seem like she wants to cross Shan.

At the sanctuary, Ricard and Shan have a conversation about how they are going to have to battle it out sooner or later. Shan tells him that she doesn’t think now is the time for that, but then tells us that she isn’t sure when the right time is. However, she seems to feel like keeping Ricard around too long could be bad for her game.

Liana tells Shan the next day about how Danny and Deshawn are trying to blindside her by taking out Ricard. Shan and Liana agree that they should vote Deshawn out at the next Tribal Council. Shan then goes to Ricard and tells him that Deshawn and Danny are gunning for him. She tells Ricard that they (Shan, Liana, Ricard, and Xander) need to vote out Deshawn tonight. Ricard tells Shan that he needs time to process and then tells us that he is going to fight hard for immunity tonight.

It’s time for tonight’s immunity challenge! In this challenge, the castaways will have to balance a ball on a pole while also balancing themselves on a beam. If they fall off the beam or drop their ball they will be eliminated. Only one person will win immunity tonight. Liana is the first to drop her ball, Danny drops right after. After moving down on the beam, Erika drops and Heather drops right after. Shan drops right after they move down to the most narrow part of the beam. Deshawn drops next leaving Ricard and Xander as the last castaways standing. Xander then drops his ball and Ricard wins individual immunity!

After the challenge, Shan tells Ricard, Danny, Deshawn, and Liana that they should all vote out Erika but not say anything to Xander because then he will get nervous and play his idol. Ricard isn’t okay with that plan and he has decided that tonight is the night that Shan has to go. Ricard goes to Xander and Heather and tells them that they have four votes to get Shan out (him, Xander, Heather, and Erika). Ricard decides that he is going to go to Deshawn and tells him that Shan is planning to vote Deshawn out tonight and gets him on board with taking Shan out tonight. Then Danny is brought into the conversation, but he is having a hard time with pulling the trigger on this move because he is working with her, but at the same time, she broke his trust too.

It is time for Tribal Council! After talking with the castaways, Jeff goes to tally the votes and no one plays an idol or advantage. Here are the votes:

  1. Erika
  2. Erika
  3. Shan
  4. Liana
  5. Shan
  6. Liana
  7. Shan
  8. Liana

There is a tie and only Liana and Shan can be voted for. Here are the votes:

  1. Shan
  2. Shan
  3. Shan
  4. Shan

Four votes is enough for Shan to be sent to Jury!

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