After Shan’s surprising departure on Survivor 41 last week, this week we will have a new twist that threatens to send someone home. The Survivor 2021 castaways will have to make a pretty big decision this week when they have to decide whether they are going to vote out a big threat or keep playing the game with people they trust. Who will go home tonight on Survivor Season 41? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details right here!

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We started this week’s episode off with a look at Liana, Danny, and Deshawn talking. Liana is upset because she was left out of the plan to vote out Shan last week. They head back to camp and Deshawn talks about how Shan told Ricard, the person who orchestrated the move to get her out, that he would get her vote to win and then called Deshawn a snake. Deshawn is upset because he feels like he has a target on his back now and thinks his game is ruined. Ricard tells us that his game was ruined because he couldn’t pick a side to stick to, not because of Shan.

Deshawn came off as accusatory when ranting to his fellow castaways and tries to do some damage control the next morning. Unfortunately for him, Liana and Ricard aren’t buying what he’s trying to sell and they think that he needs to go next.

A little later, Danny tells Deshawn that if he seems a little off, it’s got nothing to do with the game. He tells Danny that it’s the 25th anniversary of his father’s passing. He tells us about how he spent so much time being mad at his father over something that his father had no control over.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge! Before the castaways are brought in, Jeff tells us that today’s challenge will bring risk to someone’s game. In this challenge, the castaways will have to balance a ball on a wooden cylinder and the last person standing will win immunity. He then tells the castaways that there is a twist. He says that the first person out of today’s challenge will have to compete in something called Survivor Do or Die. They will have to participate in a deadly game of chance and if they lose, they will be sent home and there will be no vote.

Jeff tells them that they don’t have to participate in tonight’s challenge. Heather and Liana decide not to chance their game and sit out. Xander, Deshawn, Danny, Ricard, and Erika are all competing and one of them will have their game in jeopardy. Deshawn is the first person out tonight within seconds of the challenge starting. He will compete in the Survivor Do or Die game at Tribal Council.

The other four castaways survive the first five minutes of the challenge and are told to add more sections to their cylinder. Erika drops her ball just seconds before this section ends. Danny, Xander, and Ricard add more sections to their cylinder and are counted back in by Jeff. There are no more sections to add at this point and the challenge will continue until two people drop out.

Ricard and Xander drop at the same time and Danny wins Immunity for this week!

The castaways head back to camp and as scary as the Do or Die is, Deshawn is okay with being the first person to compete in this game. He is hoping that he wins and he sees another day. A few moments later, Danny tells Deshawn that he thinks that they should get Ricard out if Deshawn ends up winning. Danny tells Xander that he thinks that Ricard should be the one to go if Deshawn ends up winning the Do or Die. However, Xander knows that if they vote out Ricard, he is the next target.

Xander thinks that Liana is a bigger threat to his game right now because Liana has lied to him a number of times. He talks to Erika after his chat with Danny and while Erika doesn’t trust Ricard, she also can see the benefits of getting Liana out first. Xander goes to talk to Ricard and warns him that Erika is feeling a little worried about him in this game.

Before heading to tribal, there is a lot of talk about how scared everyone is about tonight’s vote if Deshawn ends up safe. Erika has realized that she is the swing vote at this week’s Tribal Council and has a really tough decision to make tonight.

It is time for tonight’s Tribal Council! The castaways are reminded during their chat that tonight is the last night that the castaways can use their Shot In The Dark. Deshawn gets a little emotional when he talks about having to write Shan’s name down last week.

It is now time for Do or Die! Jeff tells Deshawn that there are three boxes, inside one of these bosses there is a flame symbol that symbolizes safety and two with skulls that will send him home. He picks a box and before he opens his box, Jeff opens one and it has a skull. Jeff gives Deshawn a chance to switch boxes, but Deshawn declines the offer and keeps his box. Inside his box is a flame which means he is safe this week and moving on to Final 6.

The vote takes place and Jeff tallies the votes. He tells everyone that if they have a hidden immunity idol or advantage, now would be the time to use it. No one plays anything and here are the votes:

  1. Ricard – Liana
  2. Liana – Ricard
  3. Ricard – Deshawn
  4. Liana – Erika
  5. Ricard – Danny
  6. Liana – Xander
  7. Liana – Xander (extra vote)
  8. Liana – Heather

With five votes, Liana becomes the next member of the jury for Survivor 41.

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