Before we get to the Big Brother 23 finale, it is time for an all-new episode of Survivor 41! Tonight on Survivor, things get a little interesting when a new immunity idol is introduced into the game of Survivor. How will this new idol impact the game? Refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor 2021 to find out!

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We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with a look at Ua and Brad is feeling pretty nervous about JD. JD and Ricard leave to go get water and Brad decided that he was going to go spy on them. Brad overhears Ricard tell JD that Brad thinks that JD has an idol. JD also tells Ricard that he was pretty paranoid the night before at Tribal Council but he’s feeling better today.

JD and Ricard head back to camp and Brad runs back to tell Shan that he heard them talking but they are coming so he will talk to her about it later. Shan, who is super close to Ricard, goes and tells Ricard that Brad went to spy on him. Ricard says that he didn’t say anything bad for him to hear but then tells us that he wants Brad out next.

Over on Luvu, some of the castaways are trying to build fire and Naseer asks if he can try. He is able to get a fire going rather quickly and then finds a breadfruit tree with some fruit on it. He knocks some off the tree to bring back to camp and Sydney realizes that they should keep him around to learn from him and then boot him later.

On Yase, the castaways are exhausted and hungry. Liana and Xander are feeling a little uneasy about some of the castaways not being at camp so they decide to go looking. However, Xander goes looking for an advantage or an idol which he finds. It says on the outside that if he keeps it, he has to do what it says on the inside, or he can leave it for someone else to find. He decides to open and it’s a three-way shared immunity.

In order for this idol to be used, the others have to also be found. There is one on each beach and at the next Immunity Challenge, he has to say a secret phrase and if the others have been found, they will reply with their phrase. Until all the idols have been found and those phrases are all said at the Immunity Challenge, Xander has no vote. Evvie and Voce catch up with Xander and he shows them what he found. Evvie feels more comfortable working with the women though and she goes back and tells Liana and Tiffany all about it.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge and Xander says his secret phrase, but no one responded with a phrase of their own. In this competition, the castaways will have to jump into the water and swim down to the other platform at the other end to get a key. The second person then has to swim through an obstacle course. Finally, the third castaway also has to swim through the same obstacle course. Two tribes will get immunity and a large fishing set will go to first place and a smaller one for second place.

Yase is struggling to get their people all the way across, meanwhile, Ua and Luvu have all their castaways across and have two of their people working on their puzzle. Even though Ua and Luvu got pretty large leads, Yase is still in it as their final castaway gets to the end platform and they can start putting their puzzle together. Luvu wins first place and Ua wins second place leaving Yase in last place again this week. Yase will be heading to Tribal Council for the second week in a row.

Luvu is told that two people will be heading out on a boat to make a decision and they get to choose who it will be. They have to pick one from the losing tribe, Yase and they choose Evvie. They are then told that the second person can come from their tribe or from Ua and Deshawn volunteers to go.

Back at Yase, Tiffany is apologizing for taking too much time getting across the balance beam in the challenge. Xander and Voce are not happy about this at all and it sounds like they might be trying to get Tiffany out. The problem is, Xander doesn’t have a vote and Evvie isn’t at the beach so they need to talk to Liana. Voce goes to talk to her about getting Tiffany out, but what Voce doesn’t know is that Liana, Tiffany, and Evvie are in an alliance together and they plan to vote out Xander.

We get a look at Deshawn and Evvie who just got to the island and she is trying to make an ally out of Deshawn since she knows that Yase will go into merge down in numbers. Evvie tells Deshawn that she can’t risk her vote tonight so she will keep hers, he can risk his and he gets an extra vote. Assuming that it’s the same choice as last week.

Evvie decides that she is going to reveal to Deshawn how the idols work this season to try and solidify some sort of alliance. After they talk, they do go to the wheel like last week and have the same decision to make. Evvie is going to protect her vote and Deshawn decides to risk his which means that she will keep her vote tonight and he will get an extra one.

Evvie goes back to camp and Tiffany and Liana fill Evvie in on what was going on and they all decide to blindside Xander. Evvie goes to Voce and Xander and confirms with them that she is fine with taking Tiffany out. Tiffany is freaking out because she knows that Xander has an idol and she isn’t clear about how it works. Evvie is trying to explain to Tiffany how the idol works but she won’t listen to reason. Liana and Evvie are starting to rethink whether or not they should keep Tiffany.

It’s time for Tribal Council! After talking with Jeff the castaways go and cast their votes. Jeff goes to tally the votes and then tells them that if they have an advantage or a hidden immunity idol, now is the time to use it. No one has one and Jeff reads the votes:

  • Tiffany – Voce
  • Voce – Tiffany
  • Voce – Evvie
  • Voce – Liana

With three votes, Voce is voted off the island.

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