Tonight on Survivor 41, Luvu, Ua, and Yase will battle it out for a chance at immunity during tonight’s Immunity Challenge. Also, what will happen with some Survivor castaways stumble across a sneaky advantage that comes with a huge risk? Find out right here with our Survivor 2021 live recap and join in the conversation below!

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We start tonight’s episode off with Liana talking about how she came here to make big moves and she feels like the move that they made at the last Tribal Council wasn’t it. The next morning, Tiffany finds an advantage and shares it with Evvie and Liana. Inside it says that tonight a boat will arrive and she will have to sneak away and get on it. If she doesn’t then it will result in a loss of her vote. Meanwhile, on Ua, Brad finds the same advantage at his camp and Sydney gets it on Luvu.

On Luvu, Sydney tells Danny that Naseer has been talking about targeting him. On Ua, we see JD looking for an idol, but he can’t find one. He starts suspecting that the other people in his tribe might have it. Ua starts to talk about who might have the idol, we then get a look at Brad finding the idol and letting Genie know that he found it. He reads the instructions on the idol and realizes that he doesn’t have a vote. He then reads the secret phrases and realizes that Xander has one of the idols, but clearly no one on Luvu has found it. Brad also tells Shan that he found the idol since he is working with Genie and Shan. After sharing the news about the idol, he also tells her about his secret advantage.

After learning all of this, Shan is wondering if she should keep Brad around knowing that he has all of this power. Later that night, Brad has to sneak off but piles a bunch of clothes where he was sleeping to make it look like he is still there. Sydney and Tiffany also sneak away from their camps and make it to this secret destination.

When they get to the island, they find out that they have to choose between two things a tarp or the ability to steal a vote. If all of them choose a tarp, they get a tarp. If they all choose to steal a vote, they all lose their votes. If there is a split vote between the two, the players that chose to steal a vote will get it, and the players who chose tarp will get nothing.

Brad chooses to steal a vote, Sydney chooses tarp so that she won’t lose her vote if they all choose to steal a vote. Sydney doesn’t trust Tiffany will do what she says she will.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge and Xander and Brad say their phrases, but no one on Luvu responds with the third one meaning that Xander and Brad will not have votes if they head to Tribal Council tonight. The first two tribes will win immunity and fruit trays to bring back to camp!

In this competition, the castaways will have to jump off a platform in the water, get to a ladder and climb it to a tight rope. They have to get across this rope using four support ropes and then jump back into the water when. From there, they have to swim to shore and wait for the other members of their tribe to do the same. When all the members of the tribe make it to the shore, they can then work together to find a sandbag. Inside the big bag is five small bags that they then have to throw up onto targets. The first two tribes to get all their sandbags on their targets will win Immunity and fruit trays.

Yase is behind for most of the challenge, but once they all start throwing the sandbags up to the targets, they take the lead with three bags and Luvu and Ua are right behind them. At one point, all three tribes were tied at three. Luvu takes the first Immunity spot and Yase takes the second spot with their first win of the season! That means that Ua will lose their flint and one of their members will have their torch snuffed at Tribal Council.

Brad has all these advantages, but because his idol isn’t activated, he can’t use any of them. Brad tells us that he would really like to get JD out this week. JD goes to use the bathroom and when he comes back, Shan notices that he has a piece of paper hanging out of his waistband. JD tells Ricard and Shan about his extra vote advantage and Shan is not feeling like JD can be trusted, but Ricard thinks that JD would be indebted to them.

Shan talks to JD about how she is feeling about him not telling her and JD tells her that he will give it to her to hold for him. Shan also realizes that Brad has an idol and while it might not be active now, it’s still something that he can use later. She is struggling with who she should send out this week.

It is time for Tribal Council and after the castaways talk to Jeff for a bit, it’s time to vote. As we know, Brad has no vote tonight. Jeff tallies the votes and comes back and tells them that if they have a hidden immunity idol or advantage, now is the time to use it. He reads the votes:

  1. Brad – JD
  2. JD – Genie
  3. Brad – Ricard
  4. Brad – Shan

With three votes, Brad has been voted off the island. He leaves with an idol and a steal a vote in his pocket.

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