Tonight on Survivor Season 41, we will watch as two of the castaways decide to strategize a risky move during an Immunity Challenge. Will it pay off or will it send their tribe to Tribal Council? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of this week’s episode of Survivor 2021 and find out which castaway will be heading home tonight on Survivor!

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We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with Genie talking to the rest of the Ua coming back from Tribal Council and she was pretty upset about being blindsided. Shan decides that she was going to let everyone know that Brad had a secret advantage that he only told her about. JD is confused as to why he was attacked by her for not telling her about his advantage but it’s okay for her to withhold that information from him.

It is time for the first reward challenge of the season! They will have to roll balls over a beam and then work through an obstacle course before it hits the other end. Once all of their tribemates have rolled a ball down the beam, they then have to dig under a pole and crawl under it and roll their balls down another beam and run through another obstacle. In the end, they will then have to land their balls on top of another beam.

The first team to land all four of their balls will get a specialist back at camp who will teach them all how to live off the land. The season tribe will get one fish to share. The third team goes back to camp with nothing. Ua gets all their balls up there first and Yase gets all theirs up there second. Luvu was handed their first loss of the season and Heather is beating herself up because she was the reason they didn’t win. Her tribe all came to her and showed their support for her effort.

While Yase is enjoying their fish, Tiffany comes across something pretty amazing. It’s a huge group of baby turtles that are all heading out to sea. Evvie compares the turtles fighting to get out of the hole they hatched in to the Yase tribe fighting to stay in the game.

Meanwhile, Ua is getting their lessons from Nathan, who is teaching them how to fish, climb trees for food, and other survival techniques they can use in the game.

On Luvu, some of the castaways are in the boat fishing. A little later, Sydney is trying to build a fire and when it doesn’t work out for her, she gets really emotional. Erika talks to Deshawn about it later and she asks him if he would ever consider voting out Sydney. He tells us that he trusts Sydney more than he trusts Erika, but he is going along with Erika in their chat. Deshawn goes and tells Sydney about this conversation and he tells Sydney that he wants Erika gone.

Deshawn, Danny, and Sydney are talking about wanting Erika gone. Deshawn tells Danny that he would like to throw this week’s Immunity Challenge and take out Erika this week, but Danny isn’t sure that the athlete in him will allow him to throw this challenge.

It’s time for the Immunity Challenge! In this challenge, the castaways will have to race through the water and collect three bags of blocks. They will then take those blocks and push them through a tunnel which will push three keys out that will unlock three rings. They will then have to land the three rings onto their targets.

This comp is pretty even to start, but then Deshawn clearly starts to slow down with his swimming, but not enough for it to be obvious. No matter how hard Deshawn and Danny are trying to throw this challenge, they are still in the lead because Yase is still in the water. Deshawn starts tying knots in the bag instead of untying them, but they still get all their blocks open first. Naseer is basically doing this challenge on his own.

Yase takes the lead when they get to the ring toss, Ua is right behind them. Deshawn is clearly throwing the rings short and Naseer takes over and lands two right away tying them up with Yase. Yase gets their third ring on and wins Immunity. Ua gets their second and ties it up with Luvu. Naseer is struggling with keeping the rings on the peg and JD comes close to winning a few times. Luvu manages to win the second Immunity statue and Ua will be heading to Tribal Council.

On Ua, JD and Genie are talking and she thinks that she is going to be the target at this week’s Tribal Council. Genie tells him that she thinks that she might roll her Shot in the Dark dice tonight. JD needs her to trust him though so that she doesn’t roll her dice because if she wins safety, he thinks he will go. Genie thinks that JD should use his extra vote. Shan then goes to Ricard and tells JD that she is going to play paranoid with JD so that he doesn’t use his extra vote.

Shan tries to talk JD into keeping his advantage at camp, but he doesn’t want to keep it behind. So she talks him into letting her hold the extra vote, but she plans to vote out JD and keep the vote for herself. JD tells Shan and Ricard that they should just vote for Genie tonight, but Shan is still weighing the options of voting out JD.

It’s time for Tribal Council! After the castaways talk they head up to vote. Jeff tallies the votes and then tells the castaways that if they have a hidden immunity idol or an advantage, now is the time to use it.

  • Genie – JD
  • JD – Shan
  • JD – Ricard
  • JD – Genie

With three votes, JD has been voted off Survivor 41 and Shan has his extra vote all to herself.

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