Tonight on Survivor 41, we will watch as Ua tries to keep their last three castaways together and fight for immunity in hopes to avoid another tribal council. We will also watch as friendships are put to the test on Survivor when two castaways head on a take a journey together. To get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor Season 41, refresh this page frequently and feel free to join in the conversation in the comment section below or on social media!

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We started tonight’s episode off with a look at Ua as the three remaining castaways and Genie is telling us that she is feeling pretty good about her fellow tribemates. That doesn’t stop her from going to look for a hidden immunity idol and she finds it. She knows that if she opens it, she loses her vote until Luvu finds theirs. Shan talks Genie into leaving it in a tree and not opening it.

While Genie is in the water fishing, Shan and Ricard are talking about how they don’t trust Genie and wonder if she opened the idol. Shan and Ricard go over to where they left the idol and switches the idol out for a bracelet. Ricard then comes up with a plan to tell Genie that they should say the phrase at the Immunity Challenge to see if someone else says their phrase. That way they will know if they can open the idol or not. Genie is okay with that plan.

Meanwhile, on Luvu Danny and Deshawn are talking about whether they should throw the challenge or try to win it. On Yase, Evvie and Xander go for a walk and they are talking about his idol. He mentions that he has it in his bag and sleeps with his bag so no one is going to find it. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Liana are going through Xander’s bag and find not only his idol, but his extra vote.

Xander tells Evvie that he is thinking about telling Tiffany about his idol and does, but tells a few lies in his story. Tiffany is onto him and knows that he is lying. With Liana and Tiffany knowing about his idol and advantage, I wouldn’t be surprised if Xander ends up being a huge target in the near future.

It is time for this week’s Immunity Challenge! Before the challenge, Shan says the phrase for the idol, Xander says his phrase, and then all of a sudden, Naseer says that he is as confused as a goat on AstroTurf, which was the third and final phrase! All three idols are active! On top of playing for Immunity, they are playing for a reward! The first tribe will get a large tarp and the second tribe to finish will a smaller tarp.

Luvu takes an early lead in tonight’s challenge, but the other two tribes aren’t far behind. Yase pulls off a win and Luvu grabs the second win. As the winning tribe, Yase is able to send two castaways on a journey. One of them has to be from the losing tribe and they chose to send Shan and the other could be from their own tribe or from Yase. Liana volunteers to go with Shan and they head to the boat.

Liana and Shan take their walk and during their walk, Liana tells Shan about all of Xander’s advantages. Shan tells her that if she isn’t at the merge, Ricard can’t be trusted. Shan and Liana have a moment during their talk and Shan opens up about her past issues with foster care and gangs and her mom being an addict.

Shan tells Liana that she isn’t going to risk her vote and tells Liana that she should so that she leaves with something. Liana does risk her vote and gets an advantage. This advantage allows her to ask one person, one of two questions. She can either ask if they have an advantage or an idol. They can not lie when they answer and if they answer yes to whichever question she asks, they have to give her the advantage or the idol that they have.

Shan gets back to camp and shares everything with them about the jury. Shan tells us that she is nervous that Genie and Ricard might be plotting against her. They all agree that they need to talk and pitch to each other. Genie tells Shan that Ricard was talking about blindsiding Shan while she was gone. Shan then goes to talk to Ricard about getting the advantage back, but he is putting up a fight with her. He refuses to give it back to her before Tribal Council and tells her he will give it to her tomorrow.

Shan doesn’t like that Ricard won’t give back to her what she did the legwork to get and is starting to think that maybe she will vote him out and keep Genie around instead. If she does that, her extra vote leaves with him.

It is time for Tribal Council! Ua will become a tribe of just two people in just a moment. Before Jeff reads the votes, he tells the castaways that if they have a Hidden Immunity Idol or Advantage to play, now is the time to do so. No one plays anything and here are the votes:

  • Genie – Ricard
  • Ricard – Genie
  • Genie – Shan

With two votes, Genie has been voted off the island this week.

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