It is time for an all-new episode of Survivor 41! Tonight on Survivor we will watch as the three tribes merge and alliances within the game will be tested. A new twist will also be introduced to the game, what do you think it will be? Refresh this page frequently to find out right here with my Survivor 2021 recap!

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We start tonight’s episode off with Ricard and Shan heading back to their camp after voting Genie out. Ricard is talking about how he doesn’t understand why Shan is so attached to the extra vote when she has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Shan asks him again for the extra vote back, but he tells her that he is feeling like Shan doesn’t trust him.

Yase gets a scroll and the scroll tells them that it’s time for Merge, but first, they are going to have some fun! After all the tribes are told about the merge, Jeff tells us that the twist that is about to be introduced is going to be huge, so huge that this is going to be a two-part episode! No one will be going home tonight. The group that wins the next challenge will have to send one person on a journey and they will unknowingly give someone a huge amount of power.

The castaways come in and Jeff tells them all to drop their buffs, but that they are going to be split into two teams for this challenge. The first team to finish this will go have a big meal, get their new buff, will not have to compete in the first individual immunity challenge, and will be safe. The other team will not be safe and will have to compete in the next challenge. To determine the teams, they will draw rocks and two people who get grey rocks will not compete and their faith will be in the hands of the winning team.

The grey rocks went to Naseer and Erika. The yellow team consists of Xander, Shan, Tiffany, Liana, and Heather. Blue is Danny, Ricard, Deshawn, Evvie, and Sydney.

The castaways will have to dig out a giant boulder and use it to get to keys throughout an obstacle course. They will then use it to get on top of a platform and the keys will unlock puzzle pieces and complete a slide puzzle. Blue has an early lead, but Yellow manages to catch up and get all their castaways onto the platform.

Both teams are working hard on their puzzle and in the end, Blue manages to win the challenge and will be heading to the Merge Feast and will not have to participate in the first Individual Immunity Challenge. The winning team now has a choice to make. They can bring either Naseer or Erika to join them at the merge feast and the other will have to go to a secluded area and live on a secluded beach for two days and two nights alone.

They choose to bring Naseer with them to the feast and send Erika to the secluded island. She is pretty bummed about this, but she doesn’t know that she is in for a big surprise when she gets there.

The blue team heads to the merge feast, Erika gets to her secluded island and finds some rice and some water. She tells us a story about how hard it was growing up and how great of an experience Survivor has been for her so far.

Back at the camp with the yellow team, Liana and Shan talk about Liana’s advantage of being able to take an advantage or an idol from anyone. Liana tells Shan that she would like to take an idol from Naseer or Xander so that they both have idols. Tiffany goes to Liana and asks her about her advantage and Liana tells her about it. She also tells Tiffany that she might use it on Xander, but this rubs Tiffany the wrong way because Liana didn’t tell her about the advantage before the merge.

Sydney tells Tiffany and Evvie that Erika should be the first to go because she might be getting an advantage over on the other island. Word starts to make its way around the island and Shan seems to be okay with this since she and Ricard came into the merge completely outnumbered. A little later, Liana, Shan, and Deshawn talk about working together and they all agree that they should stick together.

We end the episode off with a look at Erika on Exile Island. A boat comes up with Jeff on the boat and he gets off the boat and walks over to Erika. He’s carrying a bag with him and sits next to Erika and talks to her. He asks her about some of the emotions she is feeling and she tells him that she feels like she has been left behind in a very important part of the game.

Jeff tells her that it doesn’t have to be that way though and what they don’t know is that when they gave her a tremendous amount of power. He pulls out an hourglass and tells her that she has a choice to make. She can keep the game the same and do nothing, or she can smash the hourglass and chance the outcome of yesterday’s challenge. That means that the Yellow and Erika will be safe going into the next Tribal and will not need to compete in the Individual Immunity Challenge. However, that also means that Naseer and the Blue team will have their current Immunity stripped and will have to compete in the Individual Immunity Challenge.

She has until the next morning before she leaves the island to make her decision. What do you think she will do?

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