Tonight on Survivor Season 41, the castaways must work to mend relationships and make amends with others after betrayals. Also on tonight’s episode of Survivor, we will watch as an interesting turn of events takes place at the reward challenge. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor 41 and feel free to join in the conversation below!

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We started tonight’s episode off with Evvie trying to iron things out with Xander after Deshawn told Xander that he knew about his hidden idol because of her. Now all the former Yase castaways are trying to make new allies, but Deshawn tells Heather and Erika that he has no intentions of working with anyone from Yase.

It’s time for the reward challenge and Jeff tells them that they will be broken down into two teams, but one person will not be participating. The winning team will get grilled cheese back at camp. After drawing rocks, Erika draws the grey rock which means that she won’t be playing and won’t be able to eat grilled cheese. Xander decides that Erika deserves a shot at grilled cheese after spending two days in exile and offers to give up his spot. Jeff allows for the switch and the challenge begins.

The yellow team is Shan, Heather, Tiffany, Liana, and Naseer. The blue team is Ricard, Danny, Deshawn, Erika, and Evvie. Yellow is the first team to make it to the platform to start putting together their puzzle, but the blue team isn’t too far behind them. Within just seconds, Evvie has blue’s puzzle put together and they win grilled cheese back at camp!

After the castaways clear out, Jeff goes over to the bench that Xander was sitting on during the comp and pulls out a scroll. He says “I don’t know if he looked, but he didn’t find it if he did” and puts it in his pocket. He says that it was a “missed opportunity.”

Shan and Liana talk about how they would like to get rid of Evvie. Shan and Liana go to talk to Xander about this idea and he plays along with them and tells them he is on board with her going. He tells us that one of the reasons he sat out was because he likes to be around the losers because it makes them emotional and raw.

Naseer is able to find papaya for the rest of them to eat while the winning team is heading back from their grilled cheese feast. Ricard goes over and takes a small piece of papaya to try and Shan was NOT happy about this at all and snapped at Ricard because she hasn’t had any reward food at all and didn’t get the merge feast either. He is now worried that she is going to hold this against him and it’s going to weigh on their alliance.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge. The castaways will be balancing on their toes with a block between a beam and their heads. If they drop their block, they are eliminated. Jeff gives them a choice to make. If one person steps out and doesn’t compete, they will win rice for themselves. However, if multiple people step out, he will give them enough rice for all of them to eat for three days. They negotiate to have 5 people sit out to get the rice for the whole group, but when only two people decide to sit, they renegotiate.

Xander tells the group that he will step out if they can get one more will Jeff allow for 4 people to sit in exchange for the rice? Jeff agrees to the new terms and Xander, Ricard, Shan, and Naseer all sit out and get rice. The challenge starts and within just moments, it’s down to Evvie and Heather. In the end, Evvie is able to hold the block steady longer and she wins Immunity!

Now that Evvie has Immunity, the new plan for the rest of the castaways is to split the vote between Xander and Tiffany and flush out Xander’s Idol. You know, that idol that he gave to Evvie last week. However, Deshawn isn’t sure that Xander needs to go, he thinks that Naseer is more dangerous. Shan is fighting against this idea and Deshawn is telling us he is starting to rethink his alliance with Shan.

Shan tells Xander that the plan is Naseer and Tiffany, but then after Shan talked to Naseer he asks her not to use his name. Shan then goes back to Xander and tells him that it’s Heather, not Naseer. This has Xander’s betray-dar going off. Heather finds out that Shan put her name out in place of Naseer’s and Heather is not happy at all because now if idols are used, she could potentially go home.

It’s time for Tribal Council! After a lot of whispering from Heather, word gets back to Shan that Heather is trying to change the vote to Naseer. Shan then calls everyone else over and tells them that they need to vote out Heather. Deshawn isn’t okay with this plan and he feels like he is being told what to do. Things are tense, but at one point, Ricard did tell Xander that he should play his idol, just in case.

Jeff has tallied the votes and comes back and tells everyone if they have an advantage or an idol that they would like to play, now is the time to do it. No one plays anything and the votes are read:

  • Xander – Naseer
  • Xander – Danny
  • Heather – Evvie
  • Heather – Tiffany
  • Naseer – Xander
  • Tiffany – Ricard
  • Tiffany – Shan
  • Tiffany – Erika
  • Tiffany – Liana
  • Tiffany – Deshawn
  • Tiffany – Heather

With five votes, Tiffany has been voted out and is now the first member of this season’s jury!

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