Last week on Survivor, we said goodbye to Tiffany as she was voted off the island and was named the first member of the Survivor Season 41 Jury. This week on Survivor 41, one castaway is singled out for playing a dishonest game. Reward and Immunity will be up for grabs and by the end of tonight’s episode of Survivor, we will watch as two more castaways are voted out and sent to Ponderosa! You are not going to want to miss anything so make sure you refresh this page frequently for all the details right here with our Survivor 41 live recap!

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We started tonight’s episode off with some conversations between the castaways. Shan talks to Deshawn about how he was feeling about their disagreement last week. They were able to smooth things over temporarily but moments later, Shan started to tell him what they should do instead of asking him how he feels about things.

Naseer talks to Heather because he thinks that Heather wrote his name down last week, but she didn’t. Naseer and Heather started to argue a bit and Xander was watching on. He knows that Heather didn’t write down Naseer’s name because he did, but he isn’t going to tell Naseer that. Heather tries to get Evvie to tell Naseer what she said at Tribal Council, but Evvie tells Naseer that Heather mentioned that they should vote for him. Heather tries to backtrack, but she isn’t able to get herself out of it.

Meanwhile, Shan, Liana, Deshawn, and Danny are talking near Xander and Erika. Shan mentions that they should go talk, just the four of them and Xander and Erika wonder if they even saw them sitting there. Erika and Xander talk about how they should talk to the other five castaways after Ricard also sits with Shan, Liana, Deshawn, and Danny. We also got a look at Ricard talking about how he is completely deaf in his right ear and he reads lips and body language to piece together what is going on. He hopes to be the first hard-of-hearing winner of Survivor.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge! Tonight they will be balancing on a narrow perch while holding onto a handle behind their heads. They will be broken up into two groups, two people will be given immunity and the groups will go to Tribal Council separately. This means that two people will be voted out tonight! The last person standing will also win beef and chicken stew for their groups.

The two groups are:

  • Erika, Shan, Ricard, Naseer, and Heather
  • Deshawn, Evvie, Liana, Xander, and Danny

The order the castaways fall is Evvie, Heather, Liana, and Shan. Leaving three for each group still standing. Danny falls, then Ricard, and then Naseer. This means that Erika will get Immunity for one group, but then she falls so her group will not be getting stew.

Deshawn, Evvie, Liana, Xander, and Danny will be getting stew, but who will win Immunity for this group? It’s down to Xander and Deshawn after 30 minutes. At about 34 minutes, Deshawn drops which means Xander will have Immunity for the second group.

Erika and Xander will be safe tonight, but one person from each of these groups will be going home a little later tonight! Who do you think it will be?

Xander and Evvie talk about who they should take out this week and they think that Liana might be a good option. They agree that Liana and Shan are doing the most running around. Liana talks to Xander about who they are thinking and she tells him that it’s between Evvie and Deshawn. Xander tells her that Evvie isn’t a threat to them and he tells her that he is considering giving Evvie his Idol.

Meanwhile, Shan is hoping that they can get Heather out this week. Shan tells Naseer that if the three of them (her, Naseer, and Ricard) all vote out Heather then they have the votes. Naseer tells Heather that he is really sorry, but she has to go this week. Erika asks Naseer if he would consider playing his idol for Heather and he tells them both, no.

Xander tells Deshawn and Danny that he wants to work with them, but they seem like they are in a really good spot with Liana, Shan, and Ricard. Xander also tells them that Liana said that her biggest targets are Evvie and Deshawn. Deshawn is shocked that his name came up and he seems on board with getting Liana out, but Danny is still worried about Evvie. Xander tells us that he is really leaning towards using his idol on Evvie to make sure she is safe.

Ricard doesn’t want to get Heather out tonight because it doesn’t make sense to take out someone who has no advantages. He goes to Shan and asks her if he can have the extra vote to take him out, but Shan tells him that she still doesn’t trust Erika and Heather. Ricard tells her that it doesn’t matter, neither of them has anything except each other in this game.

The first Tribal Council is between Erika, Heather, Naseer, Shan, and Ricard. After the votes are cast, Jeff tallies them and tells the castaways that if anyone has a hidden immunity idol or an advantage that they want to play, now is the time to do so. No one plays anything and here are the votes:

  1. Heather – Naseer
  2. Naseer – Heather
  3. Heather – Shan
  4. Naseer – Shan (extra vote)
  5. Naseer – Erika
  6. Heather – Ricard

The extra vote was played and there is a tie. There will be a revote between Heather and Naseer and since they can only vote for each other, they will not vote. Here are the revote results:

  1. Naseer – Shan
  2. Naseer – Erika
  3. Naseer – Ricard

That means that Naseer was blindsided and was the first person voted out tonight.

It’s time for the second Tribal Council of the night. Deshawn, Evvie, Liana, Xander, and Danny are now sitting in front of Jeff and after some talking, it’s time to vote. Jeff tallies them and tells the castaways that if anyone has a hidden immunity idol or an advantage that they want to play, now is the time to do so. No one plays anything and Jeff reads the votes:

  1. Liana – Evvie
  2. Evvie – Liana
  3. Liana – Xander
  4. Evvie – Danny
  5. Evvie – Deshawn

With three votes, Evvie has been voted out and the third member of the Jury.

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