Tonight on Survivor 42, we will watch as one castaway tries to get their fellow castmates to turn on each other. The only thing they accomplish by doing this is putting a huge target on their own back. Find out which tribe wins tonight’s Immunity Challenge on Survivor and which tribe will be forced to send home one of their own right here with my Survivor 2022 live recap!

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We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with Channelle blowing up Daniel’s game after he threw her under the bus at Tribal Council. Hai then goes to talk to Mike and tells Mike about the plan to split the vote between Mike and Jenny. Hai asks Mike to work with him and Lydia and Mike joined forces with Hai and Lydia. MIke then confronts Daniel about him trying to pull the wool over his eyes.

It is now time for the Reward Challenge! The first tribe will win 10 freshly caught fish and the other two tribes will win nothing. In tonight’s Reward Challenge, the castaways will be connected to ropes which they will have to untangle as they go through an obstacle course. At the end of the course, they will have to each land a ball into a narrow basket at the top of a pole.

Taku takes an early lead in this challenge and is the first tribe to make it to the basket. The other two tribes are still trying to unravel their ropes. Maryanne gets her ball in, Omar gets his ball in, Jonathan gets his ball in and Lindsay gets hers in. This secures their win in the Reward Challenge.

After the reward challenge, we got a look at some conversations going on at camp. One conversation I want to point out was on Taku where Maryann expresses her frustration with Jonathan over something he said. Meanwhile, on Ika, Tori has gotten herself in some hot water after telling people about Drea’s extra vote.

It is now time for the Immunity Challenge where two tribe members will be tethered to a boat, will have to dive in, and bring their other tribe members in the boat to a tower. The two tribe members in the boat will have to climb the tower for keys which will unlock pieces to a puzzle at the end. The first two tribes to get their puzzle assembled will win immunity and the other tribe will have to vote out one of their own.

Taku is in the lead, Ika and Vati are right behind them. Omar loses his key and wastes a lot of time getting it back, but they are able to get it and are the first team to make it to the platform with their puzzle. Ika is second to get to the platform and Vati finally gets there. In the end, Taku is the first tribe to win Immunity and after Ika drops some of their puzzle pieces, Vati pulls out a huge comeback and wins the second Immunity spot! That means that Ika will head to Tribal Council after missing the win by two pieces.

Romeo gets word that Swati is playing all sides of the tribe. He goes to tell Drea that he thinks that they need to get Swati out and then Romeo, Drea, and Tori get together and have realized that Swati has told all three of them that she wants to work with them. Swati realizes that something is going on and tries to do damage control with Drea and that confuses her as to what she should do tonight. It’s between Tori and Swati, who will it be?

It is time for the Tribal Council! At the Tribal Council, Swati throws Tori under the bus claiming that she is the one that wanted to blindside Drea, not Swati. Which then triggers a conversation between Romeo and Drea. Rocksroy tells everyone that for Swati to speak out like this is big for her because she is typically a very shy person. Sounds like Rocksroy might be believing Swati over Tori. Will that work in her favor? It’s time for the castaways to vote!

Jeff tells them that if they have a hidden immunity idol or advantage now is the time to do so. Swati played her shot in the dark and Jeff reveals that Swati is NOT SAFE tonight. Here are the votes:

  • Swati – Tori
  • Tori – Rocksroy
  • Swati – Romeo
  • Swati – Drea

With three votes, Swati has been voted out of Survivor 42.

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