Tonight on Survivor 42, we will watch as the castaways compete in another Immunity Challenge and one tribe will be forced to vote out another one of their own. On one Survivor 2022 tribe, patience is beginning to run pretty thin. Find out what has been going on and if the tribe might be able to fix it right here with our Survivor live recap!

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We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the Taku tribe talking at camp, but you can tell that Jonathan is getting frustrated with his fellow tribemates. He decides that he is going to go fishing for a few hours and get away from the rest of them. When he gets back to camp, he starts cooking the fish he caught and Maryanne keeps walking through where he is working. She steps on a branch that Jonathan is trying to break up and it hits the bottom of her foot pretty hard. She gets upset and starts complaining that Jonathan is working in her space. This annoys her, which annoys him and everyone else on the beach.

Meanwhile, on Vati, Daniel is spearfishing. Meanwhile, everyone else is on the beach talking about how Daniel can’t compete in physical competitions, but he can be out in the water spearfishing. Mike gets annoyed because they have been carrying him since day one, but now he is out swimming and fishing in the water.

Drea and Romeo go out looking for an idol and she finds it. She ignores the beware message on the front of the package before opening the package. Drea reads and finds out that she doesn’t have a vote until the idol is activated. She keeps reading and sees that there are secret phrases and realizes that Maryanne has one because she remembers Maryanne saying her phrase. She just hopes that someone on Vati finds their idol and says the phrase also. Meanwhile, on Vati, Mike is talking to his tribemates about how if no one from the other tribes knows that he has an idol, it could be a huge weapon for them. He says that if he hears the other phrases, he will have to make a split-second decision.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge! Maryanne says her phrase, then Drea throws her out there, and Mike decides at that moment that he needs to say his phrase also. That means that all the idols are active and they all have their votes back. Now it’s time to get the challenge started! They also find that the first two teams will be getting tarps also!

The tribes will have to go through an obstacle course, including a twisted rope puzzle and at the end, they have to use sandbags to knock down disks from pillars. Ika is the first tribe to win Immunity. Vati is struggling to knock down their disks, meanwhile, Taku is stuck on the twisted rope puzzle. Once Taku gets the twisted rope puzzle done, Vati is still working on their disks. Jonathan is able to make a huge comeback and is the second tribe to win Immunity which means that Vati will be heading to Tribal Council.

Two people are told they will be taking a journey. Ika gets to pick someone from Vati and they choose Lydia. The second person could be from Taku or Ika and Ika chooses to send Rocksroy. After the challenge, Daniel and Channelle both ask Mike and Hai if they can talk to them before Tribal. Hai tells Daniel that out of the two of them (Daniel and Channelle), he trusts Daniel more. Hai tells Daniel that he doesn’t trust Channelle and that seems to make Daniel comfortable. Mike and Hai then talk after that and believe that as long as they and Lydia are safe, they don’t care which one goes. Mike just hopes that Lydia doesn’t risk her vote because they are going to need it.

Rocksroy and Lydia go on their journey and Rocksroy asks her who she thinks might be in trouble tonight. She tells him that she is nervous that it could be her. She tells us that she feels that she is in an okay position, she is trying to feel Rocksroy out and not give him too much information. When it comes time to go, they come to the big decision about whether or not they are going to protect or risk their vote. Rocksroy decides to protect his vote and Lydia also chooses to protect hers. They both keep their votes going into tonight’s Tribal Council. Lydia gets back to Vati and she gets a recap on what is going on. Hai fills her in on what everyone is going to do at Tribal with their votes.

It is time for the Tribal Council and after they talk for a bit, it’s time to vote. After the votes are in, Jeff tells Vati that if anyone has a hidden immunity idol or an advantage they want to use, not would be the time to do it. No one plays anything. Here are the votes:

  • Channelle – Daniel
  • Daniel – Lydia
  • Channelle – Hai
  • Daniel – Mike
  • Mike – Channell

There will be a revote where Mike, Hai, and Lydia will only vote for Channelle or Daniel. Here are the revotes:

  • Daniel
  • Daniel

With two votes, Daniel has become the next person voted off Survivor and Mike is also not happy about having someone vote against him in the first vote. This could cause some tension next week!

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