Tonight on Survivor season 42, we will watch as the three tribes drop their buffs! However, we are not at merge just yet. Instead, the remaining castaways will be broken down into two teams for the upcoming Immunity Challenge on Survivor 2022. My guess is that it will be like last season where the winning tribe gets their ticket to merge and the losing tribe will go to Tribal Council where one person will be voted out. Do you remember the twist that happened at this point during the last season of Survivor? Keep reading my Survivor live recap to find out if that plays out once again!

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Before tonight’s episode of Survivor kicks off, here is a reminder of what happened at this point last season. The castaways are told to drop their buffs, they are then broken up into two teams. The winning team gets a buff and is told that they are safe from the next elimination, for now. The winning team then picks one person from the losing team to spend the night on a secluded island where Jeff will visit and tells them that they can change the outcome of the game. Last season, this was when Erika got the hourglass and if she chose to smash the hourglass, her team would be safe and the other team would go to Tribal Council instead. Keep refreshing this page to find out if this is what will happen tonight as well!

We started this episode off with some drama between Mike and Channelle after the last Tribal Council. Mike found out that she was the one that put his name down and he is not happy about it. After we watch that unfold, Jeff comes on the screen to talk to us that since this season and last were both filmed back to back, this gives them a unique opportunity. He then tells us that everything that happened at this point last season, will be happening again and brings the castaways out.

He tells them to drop their buffs and explains that this isn’t a merge, but instead, they will be split into two teams to compete in the next challenge. He explains that the winning team will get buffs and will not have to compete in the next individual immunity challenge. The other team will have to compete for their safety but only one will get it. The rest will be in danger of being voted out at the next Tribal Council. They are then told that they will also be competing for a reward. The winning team will get Applebees and the castaways go wild over the idea of having real food for the first time in weeks.

After drawing rocks to find out who is on what team, Jeff tells them that there is one more twist and then we cut to a commercial break. He tells them that orange rocks will compete together on one team, blue rocks will be on the other team and the two that drew grey rocks will not compete. Orange rocks are Lydia, Jonathan, Maryanne, Hai, and Tori and Blue rocks are Drea, Mike, Romeo, Omar, and Channelle. Grey rocks are Rocksroy and Lindsay and their fate will be in the hands of the five who win.

Orange is the first team to get to the puzzle, meanwhile, Blue is still working on getting the key for their puzzle pieces. It is a 55-piece puzzle so there is still time for Blue to catch up. Blue however starts to run out of gas and Drea has a hard time getting up onto the platform before the ramp where they have to build a human ladder. They are able to get all their people onto the puzzle platform, but Orange is already almost a third of the way through this puzzle. Unfortunately for Blue, they aren’t able to catch up and Orange is able to win this challenge.

Orange gets the buff, immunity, and food. They are then told that they can pick either Lindsay or Rocksroy to join them. However, they will then have to choose to either send the other to spend two days and two nights alone or send one of their own. Whoever goes on this journey will come back with an advantage. Orange chooses to take Lindsay along with them. Jeff then asks if they are going to send Rocksroy or one of their own on the two-day, two-night journey. They choose to send Rocksroy. After Orange leaves, Jeff tells Blue that they will each get a serving of rice as a consolation prize and they head to the Vati camp. Jeff then asks Rocksroy what he is feeling. Rocksroy tells him that he was hoping they would send him because of the advantage.

While eating their Applebees, Tori decides that she is going to air all her grievances to her fellow teammates. She airs all her former tribemate’s dirty laundry to them. On the Vati camp, Drea and the others are talking about Rocksroy being sent away. Drea wonders if Rocksroy will get some kind of advantage to flip the winning teams. Mike and Drea get a chance to talk for a bit alone and they both know each of them has an idol. They compare notes about their tribemates and agree that they have to stick together. Drea warns Mike about Tori and Mike warns Drea about Channelle. They also share who their current alliance members are.

Rocksroy gets to his beach and he finds a pot, some rice, and fire-making materials. While walking around, he finds a hammer and an hourglass. He brings it back to his camp assuming that this might be part of his advantage. He then gets to work on making a shelter for himself and gathering some coconuts. Rocksroy opens up about issues that he has had with his eyes and says that this might be the last time, at his age, that he will see something as beautiful as the sunset. He talks about how blessed he is to be on Survivor.

Back on the main island, the castaways are getting to know all these new faces. Tori, Hai, and Drea then get together to talk about their amulets. They talk about working together and using them as an extra vote, but Hai is worried that Tory and Drea might stab him in the back. Jonathan and Mike bond a bit while the others are talking.

A little later, Romeo and Hai have a chance to talk a bit. Romeo is inspired by Hai’s ability to be unapologetically himself and not hide his sexuality because Romeo hasn’t been able to be that open. Romeo opens up to Hai about how he hasn’t come out to a lot of his family and that most of them will find out that he is gay from watching Survivor. Hai tells Romeo that he is there for him and that he should be the proud gay man that he is. You can tell that Romeo talking to Hai lifted a weight off his shoulders.

Drea, Lydia, Jonathan, and Hai all get together and compare notes about who they trust, who they don’t, and who they have relationships with already. Tori, Channelle, and Maryanne’s names are all thrown out as possibilities to go next. Channelle comes over and they change the subject quickly to fishing. Later, Channelle pulls Lydia aside and Channelle tells us that she is having a hard time trusting Lydia. Meanwhile, Omar joins the conversation with Drea, Jonathan, and Hai. Omar tells them that he isn’t sure if he has a vote at the next Tribal Council. Drea confirms with the rest that they are all working together and then tells Omar that she has an extra vote if need be.

Back on Exile Island, Jeff comes to talk to Rocksroy. Jeff explains what the hourglass is for and tells him that he can keep the game the way it is or he can smash the hourglass and change everything. Jeff tells him that if he smashes the hourglass, the team that is currently safe will not be safe anymore and he and the others will be instead.

It is time for the first Individual Immunity Challenge! However, Rocksroy gets a chance to talk to the others first. Jeff fills the others in on the choice that Rocksroy had to make. Rocksroy then tells them that he chose to reverse time and change the outcome of the last challenge therefore he, Channelle, Drea, Mike, Romeo, and Omar are now safe and Tori, Lydia, Maryanne, Hai, Jonathan, and Lindsay will now have to compete and Jeff tells them that one of them will not even make the Jury!

In this challenge, the castaways will have to spell the word Immunity backward, letter by letter, from bottom to top on a platform and use a rope to keep the platform steady as they go back for the next letter. Hai takes the lead about halfway through the challenge, Jonathan is right behind him. However, Hai drops his rope too far putting Tori and Jonathan in the lead. Jonathan then drops his letters and now Tori is in the lead. Lindsay is right behind Tori.

Tori places her last letter and starts heading back to the starting point. Lindsay then drops her letters leaving Tori in the lead. However, if she drops, that puts Maryanne in the lead. Tori does manage to make it back to her starting platform and wins the first Individual Immunity Challenge. That leaves Maryanne, Jonathan, Hai, Lydia, and Lindsay in trouble at tonight’s Tribal Council.

Everyone gets back to camp and Rocksroy goes with Jonathan to do some fishing. Jonathan tells Rocksroy that he is part of an alliance and Drea has already put Rocksroy in it too. Jonathan gives him a quick update on what’s been going on however, Romeo and Tori are running around trying to get everyone to vote out Jonathan tonight. However, Lindsay tells Channelle and Lydia that Maryanne also has powers other than her shot in the dark.

Jonathan talks to Drea, Romeo, and Rocksroy. Omar talks to Lydia and she tells him that she just wants to go with the majority. Keep in mind, that she is part of an eight-person alliance with Jonathan but seems open to voting out Jonathan. That leads Omar to start putting Lydia’s name out there with some of the others. Omar does not have a vote tonight but when he goes to Hai about Lydia being an option, Hai starts trying to get everyone to go after Maryanne again. It’s been a lot of back and forth for sure. Stay tuned for the vote results coming up soon!

It is time for Tribal Council! It is the first Tribal Council with everyone present. After some talks about the new dynamic at camp now that everyone has come together. It is time to vote! Jeff tallies the votes and tells the castaways that if they have an advantage or a hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to use it. No one plays anything Here are the votes:

  • Jonathan – Tori
  • Lindsay – Rocksroy
  • Jonathan – Channelle
  • Maryanne – Romeo
  • Maryanne – Lydia
  • Lydia – Hai
  • Lydia – Jonathan
  • Lydia – Lindsay
  • Lydia – Drea
  • Lydia – Maryanne
  • Lydia – Mike
  • Omar didn’t have a vote

With five votes, Lydia has been voted off Survivor 42.

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