The castaways have officially been merged on Survivor 42 and individual immunity will be on the line again tonight! Find out which of the remaining castaways will earn their safety tonight on Survivor 2022 right here with our Survivor live recap. Also, tonight the Survivor castaways will try to barter with Jeff for some rice, do you think that they will be successful? At what cost? Find out by refreshing this page frequently.

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We started tonight’s episode off with a conversation between Romeo and Drea and Drea is telling us that before the merge, Romeo was her closest ally. Now, however, he is starting to distance himself from her and she is starting to think that he might have to go soon. Meanwhile, Maryanne is worried that people don’t like her anymore, even the castaways from her original tribe.

Last season, Jeff and the crew put an advantage under the bench at this same exact point in the game and it wasn’t found. Jeff says that they are going to do the same thing this season and he is going to be very surprised if it isn’t found this time around. It is time for the Reward Challenge of the night and the castaways will be competing for PB&J sandwiches. The castaways will draw rocks for teams and one person will not be picked and will have to sit out. After the rock drawn happens, Maryanne is not picked for a team. However, Drea mentions that she doesn’t like PB&J and would be willing to trade places with Maryanne and Jeff allows it.

In this challenge, the castaways will go one by one and guide a ball down a rope through an obstacle course in the water. Drea is sitting on the bench and looking around where she is sitting. She finds the beware advantage under the bench and puts it in her pants while the others are busy competing. She knows that it is a beware advantage but she isn’t going to beware of anything, she is going to take the advantage.

At the end of the challenge, the castaways will have to shoot their balls into a basket. The Orange Team takes a huge lead with four of their five balls making it in before Blue gets one. Jonathan takes over for Blue and manages to get all of them in and pulls off the win for the Blue Team which consisted of Jonathan, Mike, Rocksroy, Chanelle, and Tori.

Back at camp after the challenge, Orange is sitting around talking about how they can’t even be mad that they lost because they were so close. After the people who were on the Blue team head back, talks start about how they should send home tonight at Tribal Council. Tori and Romeo’s names have been mentioned. Meanwhile, Drea is going off to find out what she beware advantage is. She opens it and finds a clue that leads her to the water well. She is told that she will find what she is looking for five paces from the water well. She starts looking around and finds a coconut that is cracked open. Under this coconut is a hole that is filled with red paint. She puts her hand inside and finds what she is looking for. Unfortunately, now, her hand is covered in red paint.

She opens the container that has the advantage in it and it’s the Knowledge Is Power advantage. This allows her to ask one person if they have an idol or an advantage and if the answer is yes, they have to give it to her. When she gets back to camp, Tori notices the red paint but thinks that it is blood. She asks Drea if she is okay and Drea tells Tori that it is just red paint from the paint kit they got earlier. However, there is nothing on the canvas that they were given so Tori starts to suspect something. She goes and tells Maryanne about this and now Drea knows that Tori has to go next.

Before the immunity challenge, Jeff tells us that he has enough rice to last for four days and his plan is to get six castaways to sit out in exchange for it. He adds that he will settle for four of them if they push hard enough. Jeff explains that in tonight’s challenge, the castaways will have to stand on a perch while holding a buoy with two sticks. If they fall off the perch or if they drop their buoy, they are out. Jeff then uses this as a way to bring up the negotiations for the bag of rice.

The castaways start with two for the whole bag, and Jeff counters with nine. Drea and Lindsay have offered and Jeff mentions that he thinks that six would be fair. They counter with four and Jeff asks who the four are. Maryanne raises her hand and then they huddle to get a fourth to volunteer. Maryanne pleads with them that she knows that she could be in danger tonight, but she is willing to step out and hopes that someone in a better position would be too. Omar becomes the fourth to sit out for rice.

The Immunity Challenge starts and Hai is out within seconds. Rocksroy is out next, Mike is right behind him, and Romeo is out fourth. That leaves Chanelle, Jonathan, and Tori left on their perches. Chanelle is out leaving Tori and Jonathan to battle it out. Jonathan starts to wobble a bit and can’t recover. That means that Tori has one individual immunity for the second week in a row.

The castaways head back to camp and now that Tori is safe, their choices are down to Chanelle, Romeo, and Maryanne. Romeo thinks that it needs to be Chanelle and Mike is on board with this because she voted for him at Tribal Council a couple of weeks ago. The plan is to get Chanelle out, but they convinced Chanelle that the plan is to vote out Romeo. Meanwhile, Romeo is starting to get paranoid and because of this paranoia, he is putting a target on his own back. Omar tells Hai about Romeo being paranoid and now they think that Romeo might need to go because he is causing chaos.

Hai starts to talk to some of the others and he is able to convince some of the other castaways to vote Romeo out. However, Mike doesn’t want Romeo out, he wants Chanelle out because she stabbed him in the back. Mike talks with Rocksroy, Jonathan, and Hai about how he really needs Chanelle out this week and they can take Romeo out next. We will see what happens at the Tribal Council which is coming up next!

Jeff asks the castaways if there were any talks back at camp that the four who sat out at the immunity challenge were off-limits. Jonathan says that he made it clear that he wasn’t going to vote for any of them and everyone else seems to agree. There were some talks about paranoia and how someone acting that way can affect their allies’ gameplay. Romeo clearly knows that this conversation is about him. After some talks at Tribal Council, it’s time for the castaways to vote!

After the votes are tallied, Jeff tells the castaways that if anyone has an advantage or an immunity idol, now is the time to use it. No one plays anything. Here are the votes:

  • Hai – Romeo
  • Romeo – Chanelle
  • Chanelle – Hai
  • Romeo – Omar
  • Chanelle – Mike
  • Romeo – Maryanne
  • Chanelle – Jonathan
  • Chanelle – Lindsay
  • Chanelle – Tori
  • Chanelle – Rocksroy
  • Chanelle – Drea

With six votes, that is enough to make Chanelle the first member of our jury for Survivor 42.

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