Everyone has been asking when another castaway will be sent to see Sandra and Boston Rob over on the Island of Idols on Survivor, well the answer is tonight! Find out which castaway is chosen to go to the Island of the Idols and what their task and advantage will be should they succeed right here with our Survivor live recap. Make sure you refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s Survivor: Island of the Idols.

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Reward Challenge:

Today they will be transporting a sled with sandbags and a tribemate on top through obstacles. They will get a key, they will then unload a bunch of sandbags before going on. After unloading the sandbags, they will grab their sled and use the key to unlock their slingshot. They will use the slingshot to launch the small sandbags at three targets. The first tribe to knock down the targets wins and the person on the sled is the person to launch the sandbags. They are playing for chickens!

Before they start, Vokai has to pick someone to sit out. They pick Elaine, but Jeff tells her that she won’t be sitting on the bench watching, she will be heading to Island of the Idols. The tribes are pretty evenly matched throughout the challenge, but in the end, Vokai wins the chickens.

Island of the Idols:

Elaine gets to the island and Rob tells her that her lesson is about having the courage to be daring. He lets out a cord in a bottle and allows sand to run through the top. She is told that she has until the sand runs out to decide whether she is going to take on this task. She accepts it before Rob even tells her what the task is. She agrees and tells them that she is there for more than just the million dollars.

Rob tells her that during the Immunity Challenge there will be a hidden block vote advantage underneath a table in the challenge. She will have to grab this advantage in front of all her tribemates and try to conceal it. If she fails to do so, she will lose her vote at the next Tribal Council.

Elaine does go back to camp and tells Elizabeth about her task and Elizabeth tells her that she will help cover for her because that advantage would be huge for their alliance.

Immunity Challenge:

The castaways will be climbing under a bamboo cage by digging under it. They will then carry the cage over to a bag of balls that they will then shoot into baskets. The first tribe to finish will win immunity for the week. During the challenge, Elaine is able to grab the advantage but drops it on the ground while trying to stuff it into her shorts. She picks it up again and is able to tuck it away without anyone noticing.

Both tribes make it to the baskets that they have to throw their balls into around the same time. Lairo takes an early lead, but Vokai takes it over. They are tied at 4 when Lairo is able to get their fifth ball into the basket and they win Immunity! Vokai will head to Tribal, but Elaine has an advantage that could keep her and her allies safe this week.

Prior to Tribal Council:

Elaine tells Aaron and Missy about her Block the Vote to show that she can save them. However, Aaron doesn’t plan to vote to keep Elaine and she is the only name in anyone’s mouth. Elizabeth wants to take out Lauren, Missy wants Dan to go, Elaine wants Tommy out, but Aaron thinks that Elaine is the biggest threat to his game and plans to vote against Elaine tonight.

Tribal Council:

There is a lot of talk about how each member of the former tribes are expecting the others to trust them. The former Vokain is talking about how they will go to rocks. That’s when Elaine pulls out her advantage and reads it to the group. She chooses to block Jason’s vote during this week’s Tribal Council and then the whispering starts and they all talk about voting out Elaine. However, Missy, Elizabeth, and Elaine aren’t told what the plan is. Aaron is filled in, but will he stick with his original tribemates or will he turn on one of his own?

Here are the votes:

  • Elaine
  • Elaine
  • Elaine
  • Jason
  • Jason
  • Jason
  • Jason

With four votes, Jason has been voted off Survivor: Island of the Idols.

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